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 Surname In Local Meaning
Adnet Earth, Red
Adnot Earth, Red
Amblour An officer of the king's stables
Angevine From Anjou in France
Ansell Divine Helmet
Athill At the hill
Avis A Schemer, Busy body, Ancestor, Grandfather
Badeau Admirer of extravagant
Bagot Walking Staff
Baillie Bailiff
Beaumont Beautiful mountain
Beauregard Beautiful Outlook
Beneoit Blessed
Campion Champion
Chancé Good Fortune
Chandler Candle merchant
Chanel Pipe
Chantal Stony place
Chase Hunter
Chauncey Good Fortune
Chauvin Little bald one
Colbert Maker of wooden clubs, Armor maker
Courtenay Short nose
D'Airelle From Arielle
D'Araines From Araines
D'Artagnan From Artagnan
De La Hou Of the hill
Dechiel From Heaven
Deforest From the forest
Devereux From Evreux
Elliot The Lord Is My God
Emmet Entire, Whole
Farran Ardent for peace
Ferrer Blacksmith
Fraser Strawberry
Garrigue Grove of Holm Oaks
Grosvenor Chief hunter, Great hunter
Guillemot Will Helmet, Protect, Guardian
Hamon Home
Jamard Happy and Healthy
Joscelin Gaut
Lavergne The alder tree
Lemoine Monk
Lorraine Land of the people of Lothar
Mainard Strong and hardy
Mallory Unfortunate, Unhappy, Unlucky
Marshall Horse keeper
Méraud Emerald
Pace Passover, Easter
Régis Manager, Ruler
Sacheverell Roe buck leap
Traverser Collector of bridge or road Tolls

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