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 Indian unisex names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
MeridethSea Lord, Sea SunChristianUnisex
MeritDeserving, BelovedChristianUnisex
MerlynSea Fort, Small FalconChristianUnisex
MerrillSea brightChristianUnisex
MerrittBoundary GateChristianUnisex
MerylSea brightChristianUnisex
MickeyWho is like God?ChristianUnisex
MickyWho is like God?ChristianUnisex
MoNickname for name beginning with - MoChristianUnisex
MorganSea CircleChristianUnisex
MorgenSea CircleChristianUnisex
MurphySea WarriorChristianUnisex
NehalRainy, Beautiful, HandsomeHinduUnisex
NellTorch, Moon, Moon elopeChristianUnisex
NevadaSnow CappedChristianUnisex
NickyVictory of the peopleChristianUnisex
NicoleVictory of the peopleChristianUnisex
OceanOcean, Sea, VastChristianUnisex
OllieElf armyChristianUnisex
OmegaLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet, Last Born ChildChristianUnisex
OraTo PrayChristianUnisex
PagePage, Young servantChristianUnisex
PaigePage, Young servantChristianUnisex
PannaEmerald, JewelHinduUnisex
ParisFrench Capital City, WagerChristianUnisex
ParminderGod of godsSikhUnisex
PatNobleman, NoblewomanChristianUnisex
PatsyNobleman, NoblewomanChristianUnisex
PaytonPaega's settlementChristianUnisex
PiperPipe PlayerChristianUnisex
PraveenExpert, SkilledHinduUnisex
PraveenExpert, SkilledMuslimUnisex
PravinExpert, SkilledMuslimUnisex
PravinExpert, SkilledHinduUnisex
RadclyffeRed CliffChristianUnisex
RandyShield wolfChristianUnisex
RavenA Bird Name, RavenChristianUnisex
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