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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
BeatrixVoyager through lifeChristianGirl
BeauHandsome, French word, BeautifulChristianBoy
BeaumontBeautiful MountainChristianBoy
BeauregardBeautiful Aspect, Beautiful OutlookChristianBoy
BeavisShining oneChristianBoy
BeccaOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BecciOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BeckaOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BeckahOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BeckyOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BedivereGrave KnowerChristianBoy
BeeVoyager through lifeChristianGirl
BeelzebubLord of dungChristianBoy
BeenaMusical instrumentHinduGirl
BeenaSeeing, Clear sightedMuslimGirl
BeeyatchCreation of godSikhGirl
Behafrid ParsiGirl
BehbahaBest priceMuslimGirl
Behbud ParsiBoy
BehnamReputable, HonorableMuslimBoy
BehnazBest CoquetryMuslimGirl
BehramVictory, MarsMuslimBoy
BehrangGood colorMuslimBoy
BehrokhBest FaceMuslimGirl
BehrouzFortunate, LuckyMuslimBoy
BehruzFortunate, Good DayMuslimBoy
Behruz ParsiBoy
Behzad ParsiBoy
Bejanji ParsiBoy
BekkiOne who snares, TrapsChristianGirl
BelSacred wood Apple treeHinduGirl
BelaTime, Creeper, Jasmine flowerHinduGirl
Bela JainGirl
BelindaBright Serpent, Bright Linden TreeChristianGirl
BelitaLittle beautyChristianGirl
BellatrixFemale WarriorChristianGirl
BelliSilver, CompanionHinduGirl
BellindaBright Serpent, Bright Linden TreeChristianGirl
BelphoebeBeautiful Shining OneChristianGirl
BelshazzarProtect the KingChristianBoy
BelyndaBright Serpent, Bright Linden TreeChristianGirl
BenSon of the south, BlessedChristianBoy
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