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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
DemetriusEarth loverChristianBoy
DemiEarth loverChristianGirl
DemingAct of JudgingChristianBoy
DemiraDevotee of lord KrishnaHinduGirl
Demon ChristianBoy
DenNickname for names beginning with - DenChristianBoy
DenaDean, SupervisorChristianGirl
DenadayalHumble and mercifulHinduBoy
DeneDean, SupervisorChristianBoy
DeniFollower of DionysusChristianGirl
DeniceFollower of DionysusChristianGirl
DenieceFollower of DionysusChristianGirl
DenielGod is my judgeChristianBoy
DenisBrown warriorChristianBoy
DenisaFollower of DionysusChristianGirl
DeniseFrom Dionysius, God of wineChristianBoy
DennisFollower of DionysusChristianBoy
DennyFollower of DionysusChristianBoy
DentonValley settlementChristianBoy
DenverDane CrossingChristianBoy
DenysFollower of DionysusChristianBoy
DeonGod, ZeusChristianBoy
DeonneGod, ZeusChristianBoy
DeonteBlending names Zeus and SteadfastChristianBoy
DepriettaDark skinChristianGirl
DerbyDeer FarmChristianGirl
DerekFirst of the people, King of nationsChristianBoy
DerickFirst of the people, King of nationsChristianBoy
DermotFreeman, Without envyChristianBoy
DerocThe Arrogant, Obstinate oneChristianBoy
DerrenFrom ArainesChristianBoy
DerrickFirst of the people, King of nationsChristianBoy
DerryFertile, FruitfulChristianBoy
DerrylDark waterChristianGirl
DervilaTrue PoetChristianGirl
DervlaTrue PoetChristianGirl
DerwinDear Friend, BelovedChristianBoy
DeryckFirst of the people, King of nationsChristianBoy
DesdemonaIll starredChristianGirl
DeshaunGod is graciousChristianBoy
DeshawnGod is graciousChristianBoy
DeshbhushanA Jain acharya in the age of lord RamJainBoy
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