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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
DevanandJoy of godHinduBoy
DevanandanSon of godHinduBoy
DevangPart of godHinduBoy
Devang JainBoy
DevanganaCelestial maidenHinduGirl
DevangiLike a goddessHinduGirl
DevaniShining, Celestial, GoddessHinduGirl
DevanshDevine, Part of godHinduBoy
Devanshi JainGirl
DevantakanashakarinDestroyer of evils and asurasHinduBoy
DevapiAn ancient kingHinduBoy
DevappaFather of kingHinduBoy
DevapriyaDear to godsHinduGirl
DevarajKing of godsHinduBoy
DevarpanaOfferings to the godsHinduBoy
DevarshiTeacher of gods, Sage of the devasHinduBoy
DevarsiTeacher of gods, Sage of the devasHinduBoy
DevaryaDivine beliefHinduBoy
DevasenapatiLord MuruganHinduBoy
DevasheeshBlessing of godSikhBoy
DevashishBlessing of godHinduBoy
DevashreeGoddess LaxmiHinduGirl
DevashriGoddess Laxmi, Yagya, Divine beautyHinduGirl
DevasmithaDevine smileHinduGirl
DevasreeDivine BeautyHinduGirl
Devasrigarbha BuddhistBoy
Devatideva BuddhistBoy
DevavrataOne who accepts all penancesHinduBoy
Devayani HinduGirl
DevdanThe gift of the godsHinduBoy
DevdarshWorshipper of godHinduBoy
DevdasFollower of god, Servant of godHinduBoy
DevdattaGiven by godHinduBoy
DeveedaasServant of the godHinduBoy
DevenLike a GodHinduBoy
DevenWorshiper of the God DumnonosChristianUnisex
DevendarKing of lord'sSikhBoy
Devendra JainBoy
DevendraLord Indra, King of godsHinduBoy
DevendranathLord of gods, King of godsHinduBoy
DevendrashikaProtector of all godsHinduBoy
DevereuxFrom EvreuxChristianBoy
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