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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
NaserAssister, FriendMuslimBoy
NashLives by an Ash treeChristianBoy
Nasha ParsiBoy
NashaScent, PerfumeMuslimGirl
NashaalScent, PerfumeMuslimGirl
Nashak ParsiBoy
NashatJoy, Happiness, CheerfulnessMuslimGirl
NashelyThe one that is loved, Loved one, BelovedChristianGirl
NashirOne who scatters, Exposer, AnnouncerMuslimBoy
NashirahPublisher, Diffuser, SpreaderMuslimGirl
NashitEnergetic, ActiveMuslimBoy
NashitaEnergetic and full of lifeMuslimGirl
NashitahActive, EnergeticMuslimGirl
NashwaElated, FlushedMuslimGirl
NasifahJust, equitableMuslimGirl
NasihAdvisor, Well wisherMuslimBoy
NasihaOne who gives valuable adviceMuslimGirl
NasimBreeze, Fresh airMuslimGirl
NasimahBreeze, Fresh airMuslimGirl
NasirProtector, SupporterMuslimBoy
NasiraVictorious, Helper, ProtectorMuslimGirl
NasirahVictorious, Helper, ProtectorMuslimGirl
NasrHelp, VictoryMuslimBoy
NasreenWild rose, Blue scented flowerMuslimGirl
NasrinWild rose, Blue scented flowerMuslimGirl
Nasser UdeenProtector of faithMuslimBoy
NastaranWild roseMuslimGirl
NataleeBirthday, Christmas DayChristianGirl
NatalieBirthday, Christmas DayChristianGirl
NatarajaKing of the art of dancingHinduBoy
NatashaChild of Christmas, BirthdayHinduGirl
NateshKing, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
NateshwarLord of drama, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
NathanGift, Given by GodChristianBoy
NathanielGift, Given by GodChristianBoy
NatilleBirthday, Christmas DayChristianGirl
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