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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
ParsaPure, Chaste, Devout, Holy, PersianMuslimBoy
ParsanOne who is happy and delightfulSikhBoy
Parshv HinduBoy
ParshwanathName of the 23 rd teerthankarJainBoy
PartapOne of exalted glorySikhBoy
Parth JainBoy
ParthKing, ArjunHinduBoy
ParthaKing, ArjunHinduBoy
ParthapratimLike ArjunHinduBoy
ParthasarathiCharioteer of Partha, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
ParthasarthiCharioteer of Partha - ArjunHinduBoy
ParthaviGoddess SitaHinduGirl
ParthivEarthly, Prince of earthHinduBoy
PartoRay of lightMuslimGirl
ParulGraceful, Flow of WaterHinduGirl
ParvaizFortunate, HappyMuslimBoy
Parvana ParsiGirl
Parvanda ParsiBoy
ParvaniFull moon, Festival, Special dayHinduGirl
ParvateshwarLord of mountain, HimalayaHinduBoy
Parvathi HinduGirl
ParvatiGoddess, Wife of lord Shiva, DurgaHinduGirl
ParvatinandanLord GaneshHinduBoy
ParvatipreetGoddess Parvati's inspirationHinduBoy
ParveenPleiades, Pleasing, Loved, NobleMuslimGirl
ParveshLord of celebrationHinduBoy
Parvez ParsiBoy
Parvin ParsiGirl
ParvinPleiades, Pleasing, Loved, NobleMuslimGirl
ParvinaShining starMuslimGirl
ParvizFortunate, Happy, VictoriousMuslimBoy
Parviz ParsiBoy
Parwez ParsiBoy
ParwezFortunate, Happy, VictoriousMuslimBoy
ParwizFortunate, Happy, VictoriousMuslimBoy
PashaLord, Honorific titleMuslimBoy
PashaBond, Net, SnareHinduGirl
PashadhariniHolder of ropeHinduGirl
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