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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
RashaadYoung gazelleMuslimBoy
RashadIntegrity of conduct, MaturityMuslimBoy
RashaunGod is graciousChristianBoy
RashawnGod is graciousChristianBoy
RashdanGuidance, RectitudeMuslimBoy
RasheedRationale, Pretend, Intelligent, Brave, Wise, MatureMuslimBoy
RasheedaRationale, Pretend, Intelligent, Brave, Wise, MatureMuslimGirl
Rasheeq MuslimBoy
Rasheeqa MuslimGirl
Rashesh JainBoy
RashiCollection of wealth, SignHinduGirl
Rashia SikhGirl
Rashid ParsiBoy
RashidRationale, Pretend, Intelligent, Brave, Wise, MatureMuslimBoy
RashidaRationale, Pretend, Intelligent, Brave, Wise, MatureMuslimGirl
RashmiRay of light, Sun RaysHinduGirl
RashmikaRay of light, Sun RaysHinduGirl
Rashna ParsiBoy
RasikConnoisseur, Elegance, Full of feeling, PassionHinduBoy
RasikaSugarcane Juice, ConnoisseurHinduGirl
RasjeevanOne whose life is full of elixir of naamSikhBoy
RasjogOne who has union with elixir of naamSikhBoy
RasleenOne absorbed in the elixir of naamSikhBoy
RasmaruLord KrishnaHinduBoy
Rasmeen HinduGirl
Rasmeen MuslimGirl
RasnaTongue, RayHinduGirl
RasnamOne who drinks the elixir of naamSikhBoy
RasoolMessenger of god, ProphetMuslimBoy
RasrajKing of liquidHinduBoy
Rastamji ParsiBoy
RasulMessenger of god, ProphetMuslimBoy
Rasul Aidil MuslimBoy
Rasvitha HinduGirl
RatanPrecious stone, GemHinduBoy
RatanA diamond like personSikhBoy
RatanaPrecious stone, GemHinduGirl
Ratanbai ParsiGirl
RatanbirThe priceless brave oneSikhBoy
RatandeepPrecious like god's lampSikhBoy
RatangeetSong of diamond soulSikhBoy
RatanjaliRed sandal woodHinduGirl
Ratanji ParsiBoy
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