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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Rakshit JainBoy
RaktaOne who has red colored bodyHinduBoy
RaktakamalRed lotusHinduBoy
RaleighRed meadowChristianBoy
RalfWise wolfChristianBoy
RalphWise wolfChristianBoy
RalphieWise wolfChristianBoy
RalphinaWise wolfChristianGirl
Ram ParsiBoy
RamLord Rama, God, Supreme spirit, CharmingHinduBoy
Ram SewakServant of lord RamaHinduBoy
Ram-DattGift of lord RamaHinduBoy
RamaPleaser of the lord, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
RamaA Lofty placeChristianBoy
RamaaPleaser of the lord, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
RamabhaktaDevoted to lord RamaHinduBoy
Ramadan9th month of the Islamic calendarMuslimBoy
RamadeepLord RamaHinduBoy
Ramadevi HinduGirl
RamadhutaAmbassador of lord RamaHinduBoy
RamadutLord HanumanHinduBoy
RamakaantLord VishnuHinduBoy
RamakantLord VishnuHinduBoy
RamakantaLord VishnuHinduBoy
RamakrishnaLord Rama and lord Krishna togetherHinduBoy
Ramalaan MuslimBoy
Raman SikhGirl
RamanPleasing, Beloved, KamdevHinduBoy
Ramanand HinduBoy
RamandeepAbsorbed in the light of lord's loveSikhBoy
RamaniBeautiful girlHinduGirl
RamanjitVictory of belovedHinduBoy
Ramanpreet SikhBoy
RamanujYounger brother of lord Rama, Lord LaxmanHinduBoy
RamanujaBorn after lord Rama, Lord LakshmanHinduBoy
Ramanveer SikhBoy
RamashrayLord Vishnu, Protected by lord RamaHinduBoy
Ramaswamy HinduBoy
RamavatarReincarnation of lord RamaHinduBoy
Rambanu ParsiGirl
Rambax ParsiBoy
Rambehesht ParsiBoy
RambhaCelestial dancer, Name of an apsaraHinduGirl
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