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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Shat-ManyuAnother name of lord IndraHinduBoy
ShataaneekLord GaneshHinduBoy
ShataayuHundred years oldHinduBoy
ShatadruName of a riverHinduBoy
ShatakshiOne with hundreds of eyes, Goddess ParvatiHinduGirl
ShataneekLord GaneshHinduBoy
ShatarupaLord ShivaHinduGirl
ShatayuHundred years oldHinduBoy
ShathaAromatic, She was a narrator of hadithMuslimGirl
ShatjitConqueror of hundredsHinduBoy
ShatmanyuAnother name of lord IndraHinduBoy
ShatpadmHundred petaled lotusHinduBoy
ShatrughanLord Rama's brotherHinduBoy
ShatrughnaVictorious, Destroyer of enemiesHinduBoy
ShatrujitVictorious over enemiesHinduBoy
ShatrunjayOne who overcomes enemiesHinduBoy
ShatteshKing of mountainsHinduBoy
ShaukatGrand, Prestige, RichnessMuslimBoy
ShaulAsked for, DesiredChristianBoy
ShaunGod is graciousChristianBoy
ShaunaGod is graciousChristianGirl
ShaunaGod's giftHinduBoy
ShaunakWise, Respectable wise personHinduBoy
ShauriLord VishnuHinduBoy
Shaveena MuslimGirl
Shavendran HinduBoy
ShavonneGod is graciousChristianGirl
ShawHawk likeChristianBoy
ShawnAmerican spelling of seanChristianBoy
ShawnaGod is graciousChristianGirl
ShawndaGod is graciousChristianGirl
ShawneeSouthern peopleChristianGirl
ShayHawk likeChristianUnisex
ShayaWorthy, Deserving, MeritingMuslimBoy
ShayanWorthy, Deserving, MeritingMuslimBoy
ShayeHawk likeChristianGirl
Shayel HinduBoy
ShaylaHawk likeChristianGirl
Shaylan HinduBoy
ShaylynHawk like lakeChristianGirl
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