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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
VasanaGoddess DurgaHinduGirl
VasantSpring seasonHinduBoy
VasantabrabhaSpring blossomHinduGirl
VasantamaalikaGarland of springHinduBoy
VasantamalikaGarland of springHinduBoy
VasantaprabhaSpring blossomHinduGirl
VasanthHappy, Spring, Yellow colorHinduBoy
VasantiHappy, Spring, Yellow colorHinduGirl
VasantikaGoddess of springHinduGirl
VasatikaMorning lightHinduGirl
VasavAn epithet of lord IndraHinduBoy
VasavaLord IndraHinduBoy
VasavajSon of IndraHinduBoy
VasaviWife of lord IndraHinduGirl
VashnieBeloved blessingHinduGirl
VasishtMaharshi, SageHinduBoy
VasisthaName of a sageHinduBoy
Vasna ParsiBoy
Vaspan ParsiBoy
Vaspar ParsiBoy
Vastupal JainBoy
VasuWealth, Lord Vishnu, An ancient kingHinduBoy
VasudevAll pleasing lord, Father of lord KrishnaHinduBoy
VasudevaAll pleasing lord, Father of lord KrishnaHinduBoy
VasudeviGoddess of wealthHinduGirl
VasudhaEarth, Giver of wealthHinduGirl
VasudhariniBearer of the earthHinduGirl
VasukiA famous snake in Hindu mythologyHinduBoy
VasulakshmiGoddess of wealthHinduGirl
VasumanBorn of fireHinduBoy
VasumatLord KrishnaHinduBoy
VasumatiApsara of unequalled splendor, EarthHinduGirl
VasumithaBrightest friendHinduGirl
VasumitrAn ancient nameHinduBoy
VasumitraKrishna's friendHinduBoy
VasundharaDaughter of the earthHinduGirl
VasundhraDaughter of the earthHinduGirl
Vasupal JainBoy
VasupatiRich ManHinduBoy
VasupradaBestower of wealthHinduGirl
VasupujyaName of the 12 th teerthankarJainBoy
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