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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
WildaWild, Willow TreeChristianGirl
WileyWater meadow, Will helmetChristianBoy
WilfDesires peaceChristianBoy
WilfordWill's river crossingChristianBoy
WilfredDesires peaceChristianBoy
WilfredaDesires peaceChristianGirl
WilfridDesires peaceChristianBoy
WilkieWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WillWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WillaWill Helmet, ProtectChristianGirl
WillardStrong willedChristianBoy
WilliamWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WillieWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WillisSon of WillChristianBoy
WilloughbyWillow settlementChristianBoy
WillowWill Helmet, ProtectChristianGirl
WillyWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WilmaWill Helmet, ProtectChristianGirl
WilmerWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WilmotWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
WilsonSon of WillChristianBoy
WiltonWillow settlementChristianBoy
WinHoly reconciliationChristianGirl
WindsorLanding place with a windlassChristianBoy
WinfredFriend of peaceChristianBoy
WinfridFriend of peaceChristianBoy
WinifredHoly reconciliationChristianGirl
WinnieHoly reconciliationChristianGirl
WinonaFirstborn daughterChristianGirl
WinslowWine's hillChristianBoy
WinstonJoy StoneChristianBoy
WinterWinter, White, SnowyChristianGirl
WinthropWine's villageChristianBoy
WisaalCommunion in loveMuslimGirl
WisaamCommunion in loveMuslimBoy
WoodrowLives in a row of houses by the woodChristianBoy
WoodyLives in a row of houses by the woodChristianBoy
WrenA Bird name, WrenChristianGirl
WrightCraftsman, CarpenterChristianBoy
WyattHardy Warrior, War BraveChristianBoy
WycondaBeautiful strangerHinduBoy
WymondFight ProtectionChristianBoy
WymundFight ProtectionChristianBoy
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