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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Deena HinduGirl
DeenaDinah, JudgeMuslimGirl
DeenabandhavProtector of the downtroddenHinduBoy
DeenabandhuFriend of the poorHinduBoy
Deenadayaalhumble and mercifulHinduBoy
DeenanathLord of poorHinduBoy
DeenarGold coinMuslimBoy
DeenathLord VishnuHinduBoy
DeenbabdhuBrother of poor peopleHinduBoy
DeendayalOne Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or PoorHinduBoy
DeenpalThe protector of the helplessSikhBoy
DeepLamp, RadiantHinduBoy
DeepThe lamp of lightSikhBoy
DeepaLamp, Radiant, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
DeepabaliRow of lampsHinduGirl
DeepakLamp, Kindle, RadiantHinduBoy
DeepakCandle, LightSikhBoy
DeepakalaEvening timeHinduGirl
DeepaliRow of lamps, Collection of lampsHinduGirl
DeepamalaRow of lampsHinduGirl
DeepanLighting up, IlluminationHinduBoy
DeepanaLighting up, IlluminationHinduGirl
DeepankarOne who lights lampsHinduBoy
DeepannitaPossessor of lightsHinduGirl
DeepaprabhaFully lighted, Full of light, Light of lampsHinduGirl
DeepavatiA raagini which is hybrid of DeepakHinduGirl
DeependraLord of lightsHinduBoy
DeependuBright moonHinduBoy
DeepeshLord of lights, SunHinduBoy
DeepikaLamp, Light, A raagini used in Indian musicHinduGirl
DeepinderGod's lightSikhUnisex
DeeptaLuminous, Flame like, Shining, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
DeeptanshuShining, Lord Surya (Sun)HinduBoy
DeeptenduBright Moon, Shining MoonHinduBoy
DeepteshLord of lightHinduBoy
Deeptha HinduGirl
DeeptiFlame, Luster, Glow, ShineHinduGirl
DeeptikanaA beam of lightHinduGirl
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