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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
DuranjayaHeroic sonHinduBoy
Durdharsakumara BuddhistBoy
DurgaThe Inaccessible, Goddess Durga, Goddess ParvatiHinduGirl
DurgadasServant or devotee of Goddess DurgaHinduBoy
DurgaduttGift of goddess DurgaHinduBoy
DurgeshLord of fortsHinduBoy
DurgeshwariGoddess DurgaHinduGirl
DurijeshLord Chandra (Moon)HinduBoy
DurjaThe InvincibleHinduBoy
DurjayaUnvanquished, Difficult to conquerHinduBoy
DurmadaFalse prideHinduBoy
DurrahPearl, Companion of prophet MuhammadMuslimGirl
DurriyaExpensive pearlHinduGirl
DurvaMedicinal herbHinduGirl
DurvishOne who cannot be affected by poison, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
DurwardDoorkeeper, Warder at the gateChristianBoy
DushyantName of a king, Destroyer of evilHinduBoy
DushyantaName of a king, Destroyer of evilHinduBoy
DustinThor's stoneChristianBoy
DustyThor's stoneChristianBoy
DvaimaturaOne who has two mothersHinduBoy
DvigeshLord Chandra (Moon)HinduBoy
DvimidhaOne who knows present as well as futureHinduBoy
DwaarakanathLord of DwarakaaHinduBoy
DwaipayanThe sage VyasaHinduBoy
DwaipayanaThe sage VyasaHinduBoy
DwaneDark, BlackChristianBoy
DwarakaCapital, Lord Krishna's kingdomHinduBoy
Dwaraka dasServant of DwaarakaaHinduBoy
Dwaraka-NathLord of Dwaraka, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
DwarakadaasServant of DwaarakaaHinduBoy
Dwarakadasservant of DwarakaHinduBoy
DwarakanathLord of Dwaraka, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
DwarkadhishLord of Dwaraka, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
DwarkanathLord of Dwaraka, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
DwayneDark, BlackChristianBoy
DwightFollower of Dionysus, Zeus NysaChristianBoy
DwijarajKing of Brahmins, MoonHinduBoy
DwijendraKing of Brahmins, MoonHinduBoy
DwijeshRiver, Lord of BrahminsHinduBoy
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