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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
JeevarajLord of lifeHinduBoy
Jeevita HinduBoy
JeffGod's PeaceChristianBoy
JeffereyGod's PeaceChristianBoy
JeffersonSon of JeffreyChristianBoy
JefferyGod's PeaceChristianBoy
JeffreyGod's PeaceChristianBoy
Jeffrin ParsiGirl
JeffryGod's PeaceChristianBoy
Jehan ParsiBoy
JehangirAkbar's son, Lord of universeMuslimBoy
Jehangir ParsiBoy
JehezekelGod will strengthenChristianBoy
JehielGod Lives, Whom God preserves, AliveChristianBoy
JehoahazJehovah as seized, Whom Jehovah holds fastChristianBoy
JehoashGiven by the lord, Whom Jehovah gaveChristianBoy
JehohananWhom Jehovah gaveChristianBoy
JehoiachinGod EstablishesChristianBoy
JehoiakimJehovah raises upChristianBoy
JehonathanGod has givenChristianBoy
JehoramGod is exaltedChristianBoy
JehosaphatGod has judged, Whom God judgesChristianBoy
JehoshafatGod has judged, Whom God judgesChristianBoy
JehoshaphatGod has judged, Whom God judgesChristianBoy
JehoshuaGod is salvationChristianBoy
JehovahThe existing oneChristianBoy
JehuGod is HeChristianBoy
JelissaHoney BeeChristianGirl
JemSupplanter, Appointed by the lordChristianBoy
Jemini HinduGirl
JemmaPrecious stoneChristianGirl
JenWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenaWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenaeWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenelleWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenessaWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JeniWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JeniferWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenkinGod is graciousChristianBoy
JennWhite and smoothChristianGirl
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