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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
KevanComely, Loved oneChristianBoy
Kevan ParsiBoy
KevinComely, Loved oneChristianBoy
Kevin JainBoy
KevynComely, Loved oneChristianUnisex
KeyaMonsoon flowerHinduGirl
Keya JainGirl
KeyanA form of keonHinduBoy
Keyath MuslimBoy
KeyshaCinnamon TreeChristianGirl
KeyurArmlet, FlowerHinduBoy
Keyur JainBoy
KeyurangadadhariniBejeweled with armlets and braceletsHinduGirl
KeyuriArmlet, FlowerHinduGirl
KeyvanWorld, UniverseMuslimBoy
KeziaCinnamon TreeChristianGirl
KeziahCinnamon TreeChristianGirl
Kha HinduBoy
Khaalid MuslimBoy
Khaalida MuslimGirl
KhabirOne of 99 names of god, Wisdom, One who is awareMuslimBoy
KhadeejaProphet Mohammad's wifeMuslimGirl
Khadgaketaka DhariniHolder of sword and shieldHinduGirl
KhadigaPremature childMuslimGirl
KhadijaPremature childMuslimGirl
KhadijahFirst wife of the prophet, First woman to accept IslamMuslimGirl
KhadimServant of godHinduBoy
KhadimServant of god, Attendant of godMuslimBoy
KhagendraKing of birds, Eagle (Garuda)HinduBoy
KhageshKing of birds, Eagle (Garuda)HinduBoy
Khair UdeenGood of the faithMuslimBoy
KhairaCharitable, GoodMuslimGirl
KhairiCharitable, GoodMuslimBoy
KhairiyaCharitable, GoodHinduBoy
KhairiyaCharitable, GoodMuslimGirl
KhairyCharitable, BeneficentMuslimBoy
Khaivya HinduGirl
KhajitLord BuddhaHinduBoy
KhalafSuccessor, DescendantsMuslimBoy
KhaldoonOld Arabic nameMuslimBoy
KhaldunImplies eternityMuslimBoy
KhaleedAbiding, ForeverMuslimBoy
Khaleefa MuslimBoy
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