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List of Names that means 'Peaceful Ruler'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BedaCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrichCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrikCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
BedrisekCzech & SlovakPeaceful RulerBoy
ElfridaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
EllisEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
EllisIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FeddeGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FedericaItalianPeaceful RulerGirl
FedericoItalianPeaceful RulerBoy
FedericoSpanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FederigoItalianPeaceful RulerBoy
FredEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FredIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreddaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FredderckeGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddiGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreddieEnglishPeaceful rulerUnisex
FreddieGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddieIndianPeaceful rulerUnisex
FreddyEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FreddyGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FreddyIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredekHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FredekPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericFrenchPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericaEnglishPeaceful rulerGirl
FredericaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FredericaIndianPeaceful rulerGirl
FredericaLatinPeaceful rulerGirl
FrederickEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FrederickGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FrederickIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredericoPortuguesePeaceful RulerBoy
FredericoSpanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredericusLatinPeaceful rulerBoy
FrederikDanishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrederikaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FrederikkeDanishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrederiqueFrenchPeaceful RulerGirl
FredricEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredricIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrickEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrickIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredriikaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredriikkaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredrikEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrikFinnishPeaceful RulerBoy
FredrikIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FredrikaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
FredrikaGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FreekDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FreidaEnglishPeaceful rulerGirl
FreidaIndianPeaceful rulerGirl
FreodhericAnglo-SaxonPeaceful rulerBoy
FrerikDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FreryFrenchPeaceful RulerBoy
FriciHungarianPeaceful RulerGirl
FriderichPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FridrikHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FriedaGermanPeaceful Ruler; GraciousGirl
FriedeGermanPeaceful Ruler; GraciousGirl
FriederikeGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FriedrichGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FriedrickGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FrigyesHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
FritsDutchPeaceful RulerBoy
FritzEnglishPeaceful rulerBoy
FritzGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
FritzIndianPeaceful rulerBoy
FritziGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
FryderykPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FryderykaPolishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrydrychPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrydrykPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
FrydrykaPolishPeaceful RulerGirl
FrygyesHungarianPeaceful RulerBoy
PelekeHawaiianPeaceful RulerBoy
RicaLatinPeaceful rulerGirl
RietiFinnishPeaceful RulerBoy
RiikaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
RiikkaFinnishPeaceful RulerGirl
RikeGermanPeaceful RulerGirl
RikkeDanishPeaceful RulerGirl
SalomaoPortuguesePeaceful ruler; Man of peaceBoy
SalomePortuguesePeaceful ruler; Man of peaceGirl
SalomonFinnishPeaceful RulerBoy
SalomonFrenchPeaceful RulerBoy
SalomonLatinPeaceful RulerBoy
SalomonPolishPeaceful RulerBoy
SalomonSpanishPeaceful RulerBoy
WaldifridGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
WalfredGermanPeaceful RulerBoy
WalfridGermanPeaceful RulerBoy

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