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List of Names that means 'Prosperous'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AamirIndianPopulous; Full; ProsperousBoy
AbhyuditaIndianElevated; Risen; ProsperousBoy
AishaIndianLiving; Prosperous; Wife of prophet MohammedGirl
AiyanaNative AmericanEver blooming; ProsperousGirl
AiyannaNative AmericanEver blooming; ProsperousGirl
AnushreeIndianPretty; Prosperous; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnushriIndianPretty; Prosperous; Goddess LaxmiGirl
BeksultanKazakhProsperous Ruler; WiseBoy
BhadraIndianGentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate; AuspiciousGirl
BhadraSanskritGentle; Blessed; Prosperous; FortunateGirl
BubuEgyptianGives Light; Prosperous; Glowing; GloriousBoy
Chang  (; ; )ChineseFlourishing; ProsperousUnisex
CheliyanIndianRich; Resourceful; ProsperousBoy
Chin HwaKoreanMost ProsperousBoy
DuardoSpanishProsperous guardianBoy
DuarteSpanishProsperous guardianBoy
DuciHungarianProsperous in WarGirl
EditaSpanishProsperous in warGirl
EdmundoSpanishProsperous protectorBoy
EdwinGermanProsperous friendBoy
EdwynGermanProsperous friendBoy
EdytaPolishProsperous in WarGirl
EteniaNative AmericanRich; Wealthy; ProsperousGirl
EustachyPolishGood Harvest; Stability; ProsperousBoy
FlorenceFrenchProsperous; Flourishing; BloomingUnisex
FlorentinFrenchProsperous; Flourishing; BloomingBoy
FloressaFrenchProsperous; Flourishing; BloomingGirl
FlorettaFrenchProsperous; Flourishing; BloomingGirl
GuangliChineseProsperous; BrightBoy
HegeScandinavianProsperous; SuccessfulGirl
HelgaScandinavianProsperous; SuccessfulGirl
HelgeScandinavianProsperous; SuccessfulBoy
HeljeDanishProsperous; SuccessfulBoy
HelkaFinnishProsperous; SuccessfulGirl
HelleDanishProsperous; SuccessfulGirl
ImranIndianPowerful; ProsperousBoy
ImranaIndianPowerful; ProsperousGirl
Jae HwaKoreanRich And ProsperousBoy
Kang  ()ChineseWell-Being; ProsperousBoy
LakshmanIndianAuspicious; Prosperous; Brother of lord RamaBoy
LakshmanIndianProsperous; Brother of RamaBoy
LakshmanIndianProsperous; Brother of lord RamaBoy
LiuzPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LooshaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LucjaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousGirl
LucjanPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LucjuszPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LucynaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousGirl
Masanori  (正則)JapaneseCorrect Principles; Prosperous GovernmentBoy
MassoudIndianLucky; Fortunate; Prosperous; HappyBoy
Mieko  (美枝子)JapaneseBeautiful Blessing Child; Already ProsperousGirl
NihalIndianHappy; ProsperousBoy
OiliFinnishProsperous; SuccessfulGirl
Oleg  (Олег)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyBoy
Olga  (Ольга)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyGirl
Olya  (Оля)RussianProsperous; Successful; HolyGirl
OtaCzech & SlovakWealthy; ProsperousBoy
OttoGermanWealthy; ProsperousBoy
ProsperoSpanishFortunate; Lucky; Successful; ProsperousBoy
RemmaoEgyptianRich Man; Wealthy; ProsperousBoy
SaeedIndianHappy; Prosperous; Lucky; Blissful; AuspiciousBoy
SaeedIranian (Persian)Happy; Prosperous; LuckyBoy
SaeedaIndianHappy; Prosperous; Lucky; Blissful; AuspiciousGirl
SaeedahIndianHappy; Prosperous; Lucky; Blissful; AuspiciousGirl
SaeedehIndianHappy; Prosperous; Lucky; Blissful; AuspiciousGirl
SaeedehIranian (Persian)Happy; Prosperous; LuckyGirl
ShadanIndianCheerful; Prosperous; HappyGirl
ShadanIndianCheerful; Prosperous; Happy; JoyfulGirl
ShoaibIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy
ShoebIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy
ShoibIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy
Shoichi  (翔一)JapaneseCorrect; Prosperous FirstBoy
SoaebIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy
SoaibIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy
SugiartoIndonesianRich; Prosperous; WealthyBoy
SuibhneScottishWell Going; ProsperousGirl
TaariqIndianMorning star; Always Victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
TarekIndianMorning star; Always victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
TarikIndianMorning star; Always victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
TariqIndianMorning star; Always victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
TariqahIndianMorning star; Always victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
TariqueIndianMorning star; Always victorious; Warrior; ProsperousBoy
UllaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
UlriikkaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
UlrikaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
Vyacheslav  (Вячеслав)RussianMore glory; ProsperousBoy
WulitonNative AmericanTo do well; ProsperousBoy
Young Jae  (영 재)KoreanEver ProsperousBoy
ZalikaEgyptianWell Born; ProsperousGirl
ZalikiEgyptianWell Born; ProsperousGirl
ZohaibIndianFamous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; HumbleBoy

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