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 Name Meaning Gender Origin
AeglaecaFriend, Hero, WarriorBoy 
AelfgifuElf giftGirl 
AelfhareElf armyBoy 
AelfhereElf armyBoy 
AelflaedElfin beautyGirl 
AelfredElf counselBoy 
AelfricElf rulerBoy 
AelfthrythElf strengthGirl 
AelfwealdElf rulerBoy 
AelfweardElf guardBoy 
AelfwineElf friendBoy 
AellaAn Amazon warriorBoy 
AelleAll, UniversalBoy 
AelredNoble counselBoy 
AelricNoble ruleBoy 
AescAsh treeBoy 
AethelbaldNoble and boldBoy 
AethelberhtNoble and brightBoy 
AethelbertNoble and brightBoy 
AethelflaedNoble beautyGirl 
AethelfridNoble peaceBoy 
AethelhardNoble strengthBoy 
AethelindaNoble serpentGirl 
AethelmaerNoble and famousBoy 
AethelredNoble counselBoy 
AethelricNoble ruleBoy 
AethelstanNoble stoneBoy 
AethelthrythNoble strengthGirl 
AethelweardNoble guardBoy 
AethelwulfNoble wolfBoy 
AethelwulfingSon of AethulwulfBoy 
AglaecaFriend, Hero, WarriorBoy 
AickenMade of OakBoy 
AidithSeasoned warriorGirl 
AikenMade of OakBoy 
AikinMade of OakBoy 
AilithSeasoned warriorGirl 
AnnisChaste, HolyGirl 
AykenMade of OakBoy 
AykinMade of OakBoy 
BalthildBold battleGirl 
BardawulfBright wolfBoy 
BardulfBright wolfBoy 
BathildBold battleGirl 
BathildaBold battleGirl 
BathildeBold battleGirl 
BathylleBold battleGirl 
BatildeBold battleGirl 
BeorthtraedBright counselorGirl 
BertolfBright wolfBoy 
BertradeBright counselGirl 
CenhelmBrave, ProtectionBoy 
CeolsigeShip victoryBoy 
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