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 Indian unisex names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
KadenceFlow of RhythmChristianUnisex
KamrynCrooked NoseChristianUnisex
KassidyCurly hairedChristianUnisex
KayceeVigilant, WakefulChristianUnisex
KeelanCompanion, Fair and slenderChristianUnisex
KeelinCompanion, Fair and slenderChristianUnisex
KelceyVictory shipChristianUnisex
KeliaBright headedChristianUnisex
KellBright headedChristianUnisex
KelleighBright headedChristianUnisex
KelleyBright headedChristianUnisex
KelliBright headedChristianUnisex
KellyBright headedChristianUnisex
KelseyVictory shipChristianUnisex
KelsiVictory shipChristianUnisex
KelsieVictory shipChristianUnisex
KendaExalted EffigyChristianUnisex
KendalExalted EffigyChristianUnisex
KendallExalted EffigyChristianUnisex
KennedyUgly HeadChristianUnisex
KenzieComely, Finely madeChristianUnisex
KeriCiar's peopleChristianUnisex
KerriCiar's people, Dark oneChristianUnisex
KerryCiar's people, Dark oneChristianUnisex
KevynComely, Loved oneChristianUnisex
KhorshedShining sun, CheerfulMuslimUnisex
KhorshidShining sun, CheerfulMuslimUnisex
KhurshidShining sun, CheerfulMuslimUnisex
KimberleeBright headedChristianUnisex
KimberleighBright headedChristianUnisex
KimberleyKing's city meadowChristianUnisex
KimberlyChief, RulerChristianUnisex
KingsleyKing's meadowChristianUnisex
KiranRay of lightHinduUnisex
KitChrist bearer, PureChristianUnisex
KortneyShort noseChristianUnisex
KourtneyShort noseChristianUnisex
KrisNickname for names beginning with - KrisChristianUnisex
Kulvinder SikhUnisex
KundanPure, GoldHinduUnisex
Kuwarjeet SikhUnisex
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