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 Indian unisex names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AarenHigh mountain, Light bringerChristianUnisex
AbiaYahweh is my fatherChristianUnisex
AbiahYahweh is my fatherChristianUnisex
AbihailFather of mightChristianUnisex
AbijahYahweh is my fatherChristianUnisex
AddisonSon of AdamChristianUnisex
AdiMy Ornament, My WitnessChristianUnisex
AdisonSon of AdamChristianUnisex
AdissonSon of AdamChristianUnisex
AeronGoddess of war, Carnage, SlaughterChristianUnisex
AfftonName of the riverChristianUnisex
AftonName of the riverChristianUnisex
AgampreetLove for godSikhUnisex
AiahFalcon, VultureChristianUnisex
AinsleyHermitage meadowChristianUnisex
AinslieHermitage meadowChristianUnisex
AlexDefender, Defender of mankindChristianUnisex
AlixDefender of mankindChristianUnisex
AlphaFirst letter of the Greek alphabet.ChristianUnisex
AltairStar, The Bird, The FlyerChristianUnisex
AlyxDefender of mankindChristianUnisex
AmanjeetOne who attains to peaceSikhUnisex
AmarpreetImmortal love of godSikhUnisex
AndyMan, WarriorChristianUnisex
AngellAngel, MessengerChristianUnisex
AngelleAngel, MessengerChristianUnisex
AnoopjotRadiating the beauteous lightSikhUnisex
ArdenEagle valleyChristianUnisex
ArielLion of GodChristianUnisex
Ariella ChristianUnisex
Arielle ChristianUnisex
ArlieRocky meadowChristianUnisex
AshAshley, Ash tree settlementChristianUnisex
AshleeAsh tree groveChristianUnisex
AshleighAsh tree groveChristianUnisex
AshleyAsh tree settlementChristianUnisex
AshlieAsh tree groveChristianUnisex
AshtonAsh tree settlementChristianUnisex
AstonEast settlement, Ash tree settlementChristianUnisex
AubreeElf rulerChristianUnisex
AubreyElf powerChristianUnisex
AubrieElf rulerChristianUnisex
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