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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
GaganaSky, HeavenHinduGirl
GaganadipikaLamp of the skyHinduGirl
GaganasindhuOcean of the skyHinduGirl
GagandeepLamp of the skyHinduBoy
GagandeepLight of the skySikhBoy
GaganjyotLight of the skySikhBoy
GaganvihariOne who stays in heavenHinduBoy
GageMoneylender, Pledge, SuretyChristianBoy
GagneshLord ShivaHinduBoy
GaigeMoneylender, Pledge, SuretyChristianBoy
GailFather RejoicesChristianUnisex
GailaFather RejoicesChristianGirl
Gaitha MuslimGirl
GajaadharOne who can command an elephant, Elephant tamerHinduBoy
GajabahuWho has strength of an elephantHinduBoy
GajadharOne who can command an elephant, Elephant tamerHinduBoy
GajagaminiMajestic like an elephant walkHinduGirl
GajakarnaOne who has eyes like an elephantHinduBoy
GajalakshmiGoddess Laxmi, As graceful as an elephantHinduGirl
GajananOne with elephant face, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajananaOne with elephant face, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajanandOne with elephant face, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajananetiElephant faced lord, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajaraGarland of flowersHinduGirl
GajavakraTrunk of the elephantHinduBoy
GajavaktraOne who has mouth like an elephantHinduBoy
GajbaahuOne who has strength of an elephantHinduBoy
GajbahuOne who has strength of an elephantHinduBoy
GajdantElephant teeth, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajendraElephant kingHinduBoy
GajendranathOwner of Gajendra, Lord IndraHinduBoy
Gajinder SikhBoy
GajkaranLike ears of elephantHinduBoy
GajkumarDisciple king of lord MahavirJainBoy
GajpatiMaster of elephant, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
GajraGarland of flowersHinduGirl
GajrupLord GaneshHinduBoy
GajvadanLord GaneshHinduBoy
Galahad ChristianBoy
GaleCalm, Tranquil, Sea Storm, Father RejoicesChristianUnisex
GalenCalm, TranquilChristianBoy
GalileeRolling, Turning, Circuit, Region, RingChristianBoy
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