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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
GopaalLord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cowsHinduBoy
GopalLord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cowsHinduBoy
GopeeA cowherd, Protector of cowsHinduBoy
GopeshLord KrishnaHinduBoy
GopiMilkmaid friends of lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cowsHinduGirl
GopichandName of a kingHinduBoy
GopikaCowherd, Cowherd womanHinduGirl
Gopu HinduGirl
Gorakh-NaathSaint of Gorakh communityHinduBoy
Gorakh-NathSaint of Gorakh communityHinduBoy
GorakhanathaA famous medieval Hindu yogi, Mastered his sensesHinduBoy
GorakhnaathSaint of Gorakh communityHinduBoy
GorakhnathSaint of Gorakh communityHinduBoy
Goraze ParsiBoy
GordSpacious fort, Great fortChristianBoy
Gordafrid ParsiGirl
GordenSpacious fort, Great fortChristianBoy
Gordieh ParsiGirl
GordonSpacious fort, Great fortChristianBoy
GormaGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
GorochanaGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
Goshnjam ParsiBoy
GoswameeMaster of cowsHinduBoy
GoswamiMaster of cowsHinduBoy
GotumLord BuddhaHinduBoy
GourangaFair complexionedHinduBoy
GourangiFair complexionedHinduGirl
GourishankarMount Everest, HighestHinduBoy
GoutamLord BuddhaHinduBoy
GoutamFirst disciple and gandhar of lord MahavirJainBoy
GouthamiFull of life, Name of a riverHinduGirl
Govad ParsiBoy
GovardhanName of a mountain in GokulHinduBoy
GovindCowherd, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
GovindaOne who pleases the cows, Cowherd, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
GovindiDevotee of lord KrishnaHinduGirl
GowriBright, Goddess ParvatiHinduGirl
Gowsalya HinduGirl
GowshikPerfect, Freedom, HappinessHinduBoy
GracePleasing, AgreeableChristianGirl
GraciePleasing, AgreeableChristianGirl
GraemeGravel HomeChristianBoy
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