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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
GurtaranOne who is saved through the guruSikhBoy
GurtejGrandeur of guruSikhBoy
GuruTeacher, Master, Priest, Mentor, One Who Shows The PathHinduBoy
GuruTeacher, Master, PriestSikhBoy
GurubachanVoice of the guruHinduBoy
GurubachanVoice of the guruSikhBoy
GurucharanFeet of guruHinduBoy
GurucharanFeet of guruSikhBoy
GurudasServant of the guruHinduBoy
GurudasServant of the guruSikhBoy
GurudattBestowed by a guruHinduBoy
GurudattBestowed by GuruSikhBoy
GurudeepLamp of guruSikhBoy
GurudevaMaster of allHinduBoy
GurudevaLord of guruSikhBoy
GuruduttGift of guruHinduBoy
GuruduttGift of guruSikhBoy
GurusharanRefuge at the guruHinduBoy
GurusharanRefuge at the guruSikhBoy
GuruttamGreatest teacherHinduBoy
GuruttamGreatest teacherSikhBoy
GurveerWarrior of the guruSikhBoy
GurvinderLord, GuruSikhBoy
Gushnasp ParsiBoy
Gushtahm ParsiBoy
Gushtasp ParsiBoy
GussieVenerable, August (the month)ChristianGirl
Gustadji ParsiBoy
GuyWide, WoodChristianBoy
GwenFair, Holy, White, GoodChristianGirl
GwendaFair, Holy, White, GoodChristianGirl
GwendolenWhite Bow, White RingChristianGirl
GwendolineWhite ringChristianGirl
GwenethLuck, HappinessChristianGirl
GwenithWonderful, PrettyChristianGirl
GwennFair, Holy, WhiteChristianGirl
GwennethLuck, HappinessChristianGirl
GwynFair, Holy, WhiteChristianUnisex
GyanadaGoddess SaraswatiHinduGirl
GyandeepLamp of knowledgeHinduBoy
GyandevLord of knowledgeHinduBoy
Gyanendra JainBoy
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