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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
HemanginiOne with golden bodyHinduGirl
HemaniGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
Hemanshi JainGirl
HemantEarly winter, Most beautiful season of the yearHinduBoy
HemantiEarly winterHinduGirl
HemanyaGolden bodyHinduGirl
HemaprabhaGolden lightHinduGirl
HemaprakashGolden lightHinduBoy
Hemaprasad HinduBoy
HemarajKing of goldHinduBoy
HemashriOne with golden bodyHinduGirl
HemavatiGolden goddess ParvatiHinduGirl
HemavatinandanSon of goddess ParvatiHinduBoy
HemchanderGolden moonHinduBoy
HemchandraA famous Jain acharya in 12 th Century, Guru of king KumarpalJainBoy
HemdevLord of wealthHinduBoy
HemenKing of goldHinduBoy
HemendraLord of goldHinduBoy
Hemendra JainBoy
HemenduGolden moonHinduBoy
HemishLord of earthHinduBoy
HemlataGolden creeperHinduGirl
HemraajKing of gold, King of wealthHinduBoy
HemrajKing of gold, King of wealthHinduBoy
HendersonSon of HendryChristianBoy
HendrickHome rulerChristianBoy
HengamehUproar, Wonder, Marvel causing admirationMuslimGirl
HenrieHome rulerChristianBoy
HenriettaHome rulerChristianGirl
HenrietteHome rulerChristianGirl
HenryHome rulerChristianBoy
HenryeHome rulerChristianBoy
Hephzi-BahShe is my desireChristianGirl
HephzibahShe is my desireChristianGirl
HepsieShe is my desireChristianGirl
HeraQueen of godsHinduGirl
HerambLord Ganesh, Respected and calm personHinduBoy
HerambaMother's beloved son, Boastful, Ganapati, Lord GaneshHinduBoy
HerbBright ArmyChristianBoy
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