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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
IndraExcellent, First, God of the skiesHinduBoy
IndraKing of godsJainBoy
IndraarjunBright and brave IndraHinduBoy
IndrabhutiA name of GoutamJainBoy
IndradattGift of lord IndraHinduBoy
IndradhwajaWith shoulders like Indra's flagHinduGirl
IndraduttGift of lord IndraHinduBoy
IndradyumnSplendor of IndraHinduBoy
Indrajalin BuddhistBoy
IndrajitConqueror of lord IndraHinduBoy
IndrajitConqueror of lord IndraSikhBoy
IndrakantLord IndraHinduBoy
IndrakantaIndrani (Shachi)HinduGirl
IndrakshiOne with beautiful eyesHinduGirl
IndraniWife of IndraHinduGirl
IndraniWife of lord IndraJainGirl
IndrarjunBright and brave lord IndraHinduBoy
IndrasenEldest of the PandavasHinduBoy
IndrasenaDaughter of king NalaHinduGirl
IndrasutaSon of IndraHinduBoy
IndratanStrong as lord IndraHinduBoy
IndrathaPower and dignity of IndraHinduGirl
IndravadanLord IndraHinduBoy
IndrayaniHoly riverHinduGirl
InduLord Chandra (Moon)HinduGirl
IndubhushanLord Chandra (Moon)HinduBoy
InduhasanLike a moonHinduBoy
IndujMercury (planet)HinduBoy
IndujaNarmada riverHinduGirl
IndukantLike a moonHinduBoy
IndukantaWife of moon (Night)HinduGirl
IndulalMoon's lusterHinduBoy
IndulalaMoon lightHinduGirl
IndulekhaLord Chandra (Moon)HinduGirl
IndumalLord ShivaHinduBoy
IndumatRespected by moonHinduBoy
IndumatiFull moonHinduGirl
IndumauliMoon crestedHinduGirl
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