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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
JennaWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenniWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JennicaWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JennieWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JenniferWhite and smoothChristianGirl
JennyWhite and smooth, SoftChristianGirl
Jenya HinduGirl
JepFree, OpenChristianBoy
Jepal JainGirl
JephthaHe Opens, Whom God sets freeChristianBoy
JephthahHe Opens, Whom God sets freeChristianBoy
JepthaHe Opens, Whom God sets freeChristianBoy
JerahmeelMay God have pity, Whom God lovesChristianBoy
JerahmielMay God have pity, Whom God lovesChristianBoy
JeraldSpear RulerChristianBoy
JereAppointed by the lordChristianBoy
Jeremiah ChristianBoy
JeremielMay God have pity, Whom God lovesChristianBoy
JeremyJehovah casts forth, Jehovah hurlsChristianBoy
JeriSpear RulerChristianGirl
JeriahPeople of Jehovah, Taught by JehovahChristianBoy
JerichoCity of the moon, Place of fragranceChristianBoy
JerijahPeople of Jehovah, Taught by JehovahChristianBoy
JermaineFrom Germany, BrotherChristianBoy
JeroldSpear RulerChristianBoy
JeromeHoly nameChristianBoy
JerrardSpear Strong, Spear BraveChristianBoy
JerriSpear rulerChristianUnisex
JerrieSpear rulerChristianUnisex
JerroldSpear rulerChristianBoy
JerrySpear rulerChristianUnisex
JerushaDispossessor, Possessed by a husband, MarriedChristianGirl
JervisSpear ServantChristianBoy
JesaiahGod is salvationChristianBoy
Jesal HinduGirl
JescaOne who beholds, One who looks outChristianGirl
JeshaiahGod is salvationChristianBoy
Jeshna HinduGirl
Jeshri HinduGirl
JeshuaHe is savedChristianBoy
JesimielWhom God makesChristianBoy
Jeslin ChristianGirl
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