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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Mehwish MuslimGirl
MekhalGirdle, BeltHinduBoy
MekhalaGirdle, Slope of a mountain, BeltHinduGirl
MelEnglish names beginning with - MelChristianUnisex
MelaReligious gatheringHinduGirl
MelanieBlack, DarkChristianGirl
MelanyBlack, DarkChristianGirl
MelbaMill streamChristianGirl
MelbourneMill and burne streamChristianBoy
MelicentStrong workerChristianGirl
MelindaCombination of Melanie and Linda, Black Serpent, Sweet SerpentChristianGirl
MelioraAlways ImprovingChristianGirl
MelisaHoney BeeChristianGirl
MelissaHoney BeeChristianGirl
MellonyBlack, DarkChristianGirl
MelodyMelody, Sweet, HarmoniousChristianGirl
MelvaBad Settlement, Gentle ChieftainChristianGirl
MelveenBad Settlement, Gentle ChieftainChristianGirl
MelvilleBad Settlement, Gentle ChieftainChristianBoy
MelvinBad Settlement, Gentle ChieftainChristianBoy
MelvynBad Settlement, Gentle ChieftainChristianBoy
MelyssaHoney BeeChristianGirl
MenaWife of Himalayas, Female parrotHinduGirl
MenahaCelestial damselHinduGirl
MenajaGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
MenakaCelestial dancer, An Apsara, Shakuntala's motherHinduGirl
MenkaCelestial dancer, An Apsara, Shakuntala's motherHinduGirl
MenmoliSpeaks kindlyHinduGirl
MerariBitter, UnhappyChristianBoy
MercyForgiveness, MercyChristianGirl
MeredithSea Lord, Sea SunChristianUnisex
MeridethSea Lord, Sea SunChristianUnisex
MerielSea brightChristianGirl
MerilynBeloved LakeChristianGirl
MeritDeserving, BelovedChristianUnisex
MeriwetherCheerful weatherChristianGirl
Merjibhai ParsiBoy
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