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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
MukundaLord Krishna, Precious stone, Freedom giverHinduGirl
MukutavirajitaShining with crown adornedHinduGirl
MulaylCompanion of prophet MuhammadMuslimBoy
MullaiFlower with lovely fragranceHinduGirl
Mumaith MuslimGirl
MuminOne who believes, Guardian of faithMuslimBoy
Mumina MuslimGirl
Mumtaaza MuslimGirl
MumtazConspicuous, One who is distinguishedMuslimBoy
MunaWish, DesireHinduBoy
MunaWish, DesireMuslimGirl
MunadiWish, DesireMuslimBoy
MunafInconsistent with contradictoryMuslimBoy
MunawwarEnlightened, LightedMuslimBoy
MundakaramaAbode of happinessHinduBoy
Mundhir MuslimBoy
MuneebOne who turns in repentanceMuslimBoy
MuneebaRepentant to godMuslimGirl
Muneef MuslimBoy
MuneendraBest among saintsHinduBoy
MuneerBrilliant, ShiningMuslimBoy
MuneeraIlluminating, Shedding lightMuslimGirl
MuniSage, Village godHinduBoy
MunibaRepentant to godMuslimGirl
MunindraBest among saintsHinduBoy
Munindra JainBoy
MunirBright, ShiningMuslimBoy
MuniraBright and shiningMuslimGirl
MunisChief of armyMuslimBoy
MunisaChief of armyMuslimGirl
MunishLord BuddhaHinduBoy
MunisuvratName of the 20 th teerthankarJainBoy
MuniyaName of a birdHinduGirl
Munjal JainBoy
Munjid MuslimBoy
MunkadirAn authority and ascetic of hadithMuslimBoy
Munna HinduBoy
Munna MuslimBoy
MunqadOne who is led, Conducted, ObedientMuslimBoy
MunsifJust, FairMuslimBoy
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