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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
BrielleStrong one of God, Warrior of GodChristianGirl
BrierBriar plant (wild rose)ChristianUnisex
BrighamHomestead by the bridgeChristianBoy
BrigitExalted oneChristianGirl
BrijLord KrishnaHinduBoy
BrijabalaDaughter of natureHinduGirl
Brijender SikhBoy
BrijeshLord of Braj landHinduBoy
Brijesh JainBoy
BrijkishorLord KrishnaHinduBoy
BrijmohanLord KrishnaHinduBoy
BrijnandanLord KrishnaHinduBoy
BrijrajOne who rules the natureHinduBoy
BrindaTulsi (Basil), Goddess RadhaHinduGirl
BrionForce, StrengthChristianBoy
BrionyTo Grow, Sprout, SwellChristianGirl
BrirarWithout painHinduBoy
BriscoeBirch WoodChristianBoy
BritneyLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittaLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittaniLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittanyLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittneyLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittnyLittle BritainChristianGirl
BrittonFrom BritainChristianBoy
BroderickReddish brownChristianBoy
BrodieDitch, Muddy placeChristianBoy
BrodyDitch, Muddy placeChristianBoy
BroganDescendant of Brogan, ChristianUnisex
BronteDescendant of ProinnteachChristianGirl
BrookBrook, StreamChristianUnisex
BrookeBrook, StreamChristianUnisex
Brooklyn ChristianGirl
BrooksOf the BrookChristianBoy
BruceWoods, ThicketChristianBoy
BrutusHeavy, The DullardChristianBoy
BryanHigh hillChristianBoy
BryanaHigh hillChristianGirl
BryannaHigh hillChristianGirl
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