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 Christian girl names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
GayHappy, Strong man of GodGirl
GaylaFather Rejoices, Sea StormGirl
GayleFather Rejoices, Sea StormGirl
GaynorWhite and soft, Fair headedGirl
GeenaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GemmaPrecious stoneGirl
GenaWell bornGirl
GenesisCreation, Generation, Origin, SourceGirl
GenetteGod is graciousGirl
GenevaRace of women, White raceGirl
GenevieveRace of women, White raceGirl
GeniaWell bornGirl
GenieWell bornGirl
GenistaBroom PlantGirl
GennaRace of women, White raceGirl
GennieRace of women, White raceGirl
GennyRace of women, White raceGirl
GenyaWell bornGirl
GeorgeannaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgeneFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgetteFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgiaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgianaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgieFarm worker, FarmerUnisex
GeorginaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeorgineFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GeraldineSpear RulerGirl
GerrySpear RulerUnisex
GertieSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeSpear StrengthGirl
GhislainPledge, Hostage, Noble offspringGirl
GhislainePledge, Hostage, Noble offspringGirl
GigiFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GilbertaPledge brightGirl
GilbertinePledge brightGirl
GildaCoated with Gold, GildedGirl
GinaFarm worker, FarmerGirl
GingerMaiden, VirginGirl
GinniPrecious gold coinGirl
GinnieMaiden, VirginGirl
GinnyMaiden, VirginGirl
GithaStrife, WarGirl
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