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 Christian unisex names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
DanaFrom Denmark, God GiftUnisex
DaniGod is my judgeUnisex
DarbyDeer FarmUnisex
DarceyFrom ArcyUnisex
DarcieFrom ArcyUnisex
DarcyFrom ArcyUnisex
DarianPossesses a lot, WealthyUnisex
DarienPossesses a lot, WealthyUnisex
DarnellHidden, SecretUnisex
DarrylFrom AirelleUnisex
DarylFrom AirelleUnisex
DeeDean, Head, LeaderUnisex
DelaneyBlack ChallengerUnisex
DevanWorshiper of the God DumnonosUnisex
DevenWorshiper of the God DumnonosUnisex
DevonWorshiper of the God DumnonosUnisex
DiamondJewel, Bright protector, PreciousUnisex
EasterEaster, April (month)Unisex
EdenDelight, Place of pleasureUnisex
ElleryJoyful, HappyUnisex
EphahDarkness, GloomyUnisex
EvalynLittle EveUnisex
EvelineLittle birdUnisex
EveretteStrong as a boarUnisex
FarleyFern ClearingUnisex
FrankieFree, From FranceUnisex
FreddiePeaceful rulerUnisex
GailFather RejoicesUnisex
GaleCalm, Tranquil, Sea Storm, Father RejoicesUnisex
GarnetGarnet (the gem), Precious Stone, Red like a Pomegranate, Born in januaryUnisex
GarnetteGarnet (the gem), Precious Stone, Red like a Pomegranate, Born in januaryUnisex
GeorgieFarm worker, FarmerUnisex
GerrySpear RulerUnisex
GreerWatchful, VigilantUnisex
GuadalupeRiver of the wolfUnisex
GwynFair, Holy, WhiteUnisex
HadleyHeather FieldUnisex
HarperHarp playerUnisex
HartleyDeer MeadowUnisex
HavenHaven, RefugeUnisex
HaydenHay Valley, Hay FieldUnisex
HilaryJoyful, HappyUnisex
HillaryJoyful, HappyUnisex
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