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 Name Meaning Gender
BerengariaBear SpearGirl
BerengerBear SpearBoy
BerengirBear SpearBoy
BereniceBringer of victoryGirl
BerkeleyBirch Tree MeadowBoy
BerlinGerman city name, SwampGirl
BernadetteBold as a bearGirl
BernadineBold as a bearGirl
BernardBold as a bearBoy
BernardineBold as a bearGirl
BernettaBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceBringer of victoryGirl
BernieBold as a bearBoy
BernieceBringer of victoryGirl
BerryFair headedUnisex
BertinaBright NobilityGirl
BertramBright RavenBoy
BertrandBright RavenBoy
BertredBright CounselGirl
BerylGreen GemstonesGirl
BessGod is my oathGirl
BessieGod is my oathGirl
BessyGod is my oathGirl
BetGod is my oathGirl
BetaHouse, Second letter of the Greek alphabetGirl
BethGod is my oathGirl
BethanieHouse of dates, House of figsGirl
BethanyHouse of dates, House of figsGirl
BethelHouse of GodGirl
BethneyHouse of dates, House of figsGirl
BethuelMan of GodBoy
Betony Girl
BetsyGod is my oathGirl
BetteGod is my oathGirl
BettieGod is my oathGirl
BettinaGod is my oath, BlessedGirl
BettyGod is my oathGirl
BettyeGod is my oathGirl
BetuelGod Destroys, Man of GodBoy
BeulaMarried womenGirl
BeulahMarried womenGirl
BevanSon of Evan, Son of JohnBoy
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