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 Muslim boy names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
HusniGood, Handsome, Name of saintBoy
HussainHandsome, BeautifulBoy
HusseinBeautiful, Name of son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet MuhammadBoy
HuthayfaOld Arabic nameBoy
HuzayfahCurtailing, Shortening, CurtailedBoy
HuzaylBin Shurah bil had this nameBoy
HyderLion, Strong, Steadfast, BraveBoy
IbraheemA Prophets nameBoy
IbrahimA Prophets nameBoy
IdreesLord of fiery, Prophet's nameBoy
IdrisLord of fiery, Prophet's nameBoy
IesaA Prophets nameBoy
IftikharHonor, GloryBoy
IhaabGift, LeatherBoy
IhtiramHonor, Hold in honorBoy
IjazMiracle, AstonishmentBoy
IjliWas name of the makes of astrolabesBoy
Ikhlaas Boy
IkhlasSincerity, PurityBoy
IkramEsteem, Veneration, RespectBoy
IkrimahFemale pigeonBoy
IlaahiTerm used for era instituted by AkbarBoy
IlashAnother name for godBoy
IlifatFriendship, Kindness, ObligationBoy
Illiyas Boy
IlyaasA Prophets nameBoy
IlyasA Prophets nameBoy
ImaadSupport, PillarBoy
Imaad UdeenPillar of the faithBoy
ImadPillar, Post, SupportBoy
ImraanA Prophets nameBoy
ImranPowerful, ProsperousBoy
ImtiazPower of discriminationBoy
ImtiyazPrivilege, Distinction, Great kingBoy
InasCapable, SociabilityBoy
InayatBounty, Kindness, FavorBoy
InshafEquity, JusticeBoy
InshirahThe 94th Surah of holy Quran, Advancing, HappinessBoy
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