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 Name Meaning Gender
Abdul BaasitServant of the expanderBoy
Abdul BadeeSlave of the originatorBoy
Abdul BaithSlave of the one who raises deathBoy
Abdul BarrServant of the source of goodnessBoy
Abdul BaseerSlave of the all seeingBoy
Abdul BatinSlave of unseenBoy
Abdul DhahirServant of the manifestBoy
Abdul FattaahSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul FattahSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul GhaffarServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafoorServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafurServant of the all forgivingBoy
Abdul GhaniServant of the self sufficientBoy
Abdul Haadi Boy
Abdul HaafizServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul HadiServant of the guideBoy
Abdul HafeedhServant of the preserverBoy
Abdul HafeezSlave of the protectorBoy
Abdul HafizSlave of the guardianBoy
Abdul Hai Boy
Abdul HakeemServant of wiseBoy
Abdul HaleemServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdul HalimSlave of the wiseBoy
Abdul HameedServant of praiseworthyBoy
Abdul HamidSlave of the praiseworthyBoy
Abdul HannanSlave of the mercifulBoy
Abdul HaqqServant of the truthBoy
Abdul HaseebServant of the reckonedBoy
Abdul HayySlave of the livingBoy
Abdul JabaarServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul JabbarServant of the compellerBoy
Abdul JaleelServant of the sublimeBoy
Abdul JawwadSlave of the bountifulBoy
Abdul KabirSlave of the greatBoy
Abdul KaderServant of the ableBoy
Abdul KareemServant of the most generousBoy
Abdul KhaaliqServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul KhabirSlave of the one who is awareBoy
Abdul KhaliqServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul LateefServant of the subtleBoy
Abdul MaalikSlave of the master or lordBoy
Abdul MajeedServant of the most gloriousBoy
Abdul MajidServant of the nobleBoy
Abdul MalikServant of the sovereign lordBoy
Abdul ManiSlave of one who preventsBoy
Abdul MannanSlave of the benefactorBoy
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