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 Muslim names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
MufarrijOne who helps in removing difficulties and worriesBoy
MufeedOverflow, UsefulBoy
MufeedaOverflow, UsefulGirl
MufidOverflow, UsefulBoy
MuflihOne who prospersBoy
MuflihaOne who prospersGirl
MughithHelper, ScourerBoy
Muhaajir Boy
MuhafizOne who protectsBoy
MuhaiminOne of the 99 names of god, ForgivingBoy
MuhamadProphet, Messenger of Allah, Humble, MercifulBoy
MuharrimAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
MuhdeeOne who presentsBoy
MuheetThat which embraces all roundBoy
MuhibOne who loves, FriendBoy
MuhjaHeart's blood, SoulGirl
MuhjarHeart's blood, SoulGirl
MuhrizObtainer, Winner, EarnerBoy
MuhsinBeneficent, CharitableBoy
MuhtadiRight guidanceBoy
MuhtadyRightly guidedBoy
MuhtashimOne has many followersBoy
Muhyddeen Boy
MuhyeeOne who gives life and sustains itBoy
MujaahidFighter in the way of AllahBoy
MujaahidaFighter in the way of AllahGirl
MujaddidOne who renews or renovatesBoy
MujazzizName of a companionBoy
MukarramRespected, HonoredBoy
MukhlisSincere, Pure heartedBoy
MukhtarSelected, AuthorizedBoy
MulaylCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
Mumaith Girl
MuminOne who believes, Guardian of faithBoy
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