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 Sikh boy names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
ParamdeepThe lamp of the divineBoy
ParamdeshThe highest godBoy
ParamdevA godly personBoy
ParamgeetThe highest song of blissBoy
ParamjitSupremely victoriousBoy
ParamjogOne uniting with the highestBoy
ParamjotThe highest light, God's lightBoy
ParamleenAbsorbed in the highest, godBoy
ParampalGod, CaretakerBoy
ParampreetOne who loves the lordBoy
ParamveerThe greatest warriorBoy
ParbeenCapable, Skilful, EfficientBoy
PardeepMystic lightBoy
PargatOne who blossoms forth into fameBoy
Parmeet Boy
ParminderGod of godsUnisex
ParsanOne who is happy and delightfulBoy
PartapOne of exalted gloryBoy
PatveerThe respected brave oneBoy
PatwantRespectable, Honorable, EliteBoy
PavitarThe holy personBoy
PhoolaThe one blossoming like flowersBoy
PooranThe perfect personBoy
PrabhbirGod's brave warriorBoy
PrabhdeepThe lamp of god, God's dear oneBoy
PrabhgunOne having godly meritsBoy
PrabhjeetOne who wins the love of godBoy
PrabhjitTriumph of godBoy
PrabhleenAbsorbed in god's loveBoy
PrabhmeetFriend of godBoy
PrabhnoorThe light of godBoy
PrabhroopThe manifestation of the lordBoy
PrabhsimranAdmiration of godBoy
PrajitConquering, DefeatingBoy
PrakashOne who radiates the lightBoy
PreetamjotOne who longs for the divine lightBoy
PremLoving personBoy
PremdeepThe lamp of loveBoy
PremjeetOne who wins over others by loveBoy
PremjotThe light of loveBoy
PremleenAbsorbed in god's loveBoy
PrempalGod, Loving caretakerBoy
PritpalGod, Loving caretakerBoy
PushpinderGod of flowersBoy

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