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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
NaradSaint, Devotee of lord NarayanHinduBoy
NarahariLord VishnuHinduBoy
NarainA godly personSikhBoy
NarasimhaIncarnation of lord VishnuHinduBoy
NarayanLord Vishnu, The son of manHinduBoy
NarayanaLord Vishnu, Refuge of man, GodHinduBoy
NarayananTitle of lord VishnuHinduBoy
NarayaniGoddess Laxmi, Goddess DurgaHinduGirl
NarayiniMother goddess Saraswati and LaxmiHinduGirl
NardevA god like personSikhBoy
NarendraKing of menHinduBoy
NarendranathKing of kings, EmperorHinduBoy
Narenj ParsiGirl
NareshLord of manHinduBoy
Narges ParsiGirl
Narges ????Daffodil, Narcissus flowerMuslimGirl
NargessDaffodil, Narcissus flowerMuslimGirl
NargisDaffodil, Narcissus flowerMuslimGirl
NarhariLion man, BraveHinduBoy
Nariman ParsiBoy
Narimanzadeh ParsiBoy
NarinderThe kingSikhBoy
NarinderKing of menHinduBoy
NarmadBringer of delightHinduBoy
NarmadaOne who arouses tender feelings in others, River NarmadaHinduGirl
NarottamBest among men, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
Narseh ParsiBoy
NarsiPoet, SaintHinduBoy
NarsimhaLion among men, BraveHinduBoy
NartanaMakes others danceHinduBoy
NarunLeader of menHinduBoy
NarunaLeader of menHinduBoy
NarveerA brave personSikhBoy
Nasarvanji ParsiBoy
Naseeba MuslimGirl
Naseefa MuslimGirl
NaseemBreeze, Fresh airMuslimGirl
NaseemaBreeze, Fresh airMuslimGirl
NaseemahBreeze, Fresh airMuslimGirl
NaseenCool breezeMuslimGirl
NaseenCool breezeHinduGirl
NaseerHelper of god, One who helpsMuslimBoy
NaseeraHelper of god, One who helpsMuslimGirl
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