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List of Names that means 'Favor'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AinaAfricanFavor; GraceGirl
AinaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AinaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnakinEnglishFavor; GraceBoy
AnakinIndianFavor; GraceBoy
AnaleeSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnaleighSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnalenaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnamarieSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnarosaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AneDanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnelieGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnetaCzech & SlovakFavor; GraceGirl
AnetaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnetaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnettaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnettaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnetteEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnetteFrenchFavor; GraceGirl
AnetteIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AniaPolishFavor; GraceGirl
Ania  (Аня)RussianFavor; GraceGirl
AnicoHungarianGracious; Favor; GraceGirl
AnikaDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnikoHungarianGracious; Favor; GraceGirl
AninaGermanFavor; Grace; BelovedGirl
AnitaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnitaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnitaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnitaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnitraEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnitraIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnjaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnjaScandinavianFavor; GraceGirl
AnkaPolishFavor; GraceGirl
AnkeDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnnEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnaFinnishFavor; Grace; God Is My OathGirl
AnnaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnaLatinFavor; GraceGirl
Anna LiisaFinnishFavor; Grace; God Is My OathGirl
AnnaleisaGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnaliesaGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnalieseGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnalisaItalianFavor + God is my OathGirl
AnnamaeEnglishFavor; Grace and MayGirl
AnnamaeIndianFavor; Grace and MayGirl
AnnamariaEnglishFavor; BelovedGirl
AnnamariaIndianFavor; BelovedGirl
AnnamayEnglishFavor; Grace and MayGirl
AnnamayIndianFavor; Grace and MayGirl
AnneEnglishFavor; Grace; EagleGirl
AnneFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnneFrenchGracious; Eagle; FavorGirl
AnneIndianFavor; Grace; EagleGirl
AnnekaDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnnekeDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnneliFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnelieGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelienGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelieseGermanFavor; Grace; God is my oathGirl
AnnelisaDanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnneliseDanishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnemarieEnglishFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
AnnemarieGermanFavor; Grace; BelovedGirl
AnnemarieIndianFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
Anne-MarieEnglishFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
Anne-MarieIndianFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
AnnettaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnettaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnettaItalianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnetteEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnetteFrenchGracious; Eagle; FavorGirl
AnnetteIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnniFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnickEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnickIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnieEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnieIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnniinaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnikaDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnnikaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnikenNorwegianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnikinNorwegianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnikkiFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnitaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnitaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnitraEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnitraIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnittaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
AnnittaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnmarieEnglishFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
AnnmarieIndianFavor; Grace and BelovedGirl
AnnukkaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
Annushka  (Аннушка)RussianFavor; GraceGirl
AnnuskaHungarianGracious; Favor; GraceGirl
AnoukDutchFavor; GraceGirl
Anoushka  (Аннушка)RussianFavor; GraceGirl
AnouskaRussianFavor; GraceGirl
AnsDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AntjeDutchFavor; GraceGirl
AnttoniFinnishFavor; GraceBoy
AnuFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
Anushka  (Аннушка)RussianFavor; GraceGirl
Anya  (Аня)RussianFavor; GraceGirl
AsfaqIndianFavors; Kindness; CompassionGirl
BogumilPolishGod FavorBoy
BogumilaPolishGod FavorGirl
BohousCzech & SlovakGod's Love; God FavorBoy
BohumilCzech & SlovakGod's Love; God FavorBoy
BohumilaCzech & SlovakGod's Love; God FavorGirl
DeeannEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
DeeannIndianFavor; GraceGirl
EnlaiChineseEarning favorBoy
EnnioItalianPredestined; Favorite of GodBoy
EnniusLatinPredestined; Favorite of GodBoy
FadlIndianReward; Favor; Outstanding; HonorableBoy
FaizIndianGrace; Favor; Gain; BlessingsBoy
FaunaEnglishTo FavorGirl
FaunaIndianTo FavorGirl
FaunaLatinTo FavorGirl
FaunusLatinTo FavorBoy
GurpreetIndianLove of guru; Guru's love; Gurus favoriteUnisex
HanaelEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HanaelIndianFavored of GodBoy
HananiEnglishGracious; FavorableBoy
HananiIndianGracious; FavorableBoy
HanielEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HanielIndianFavored of GodBoy
HannaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
HannaHebrewFavor; GraceGirl
HannaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
HannahEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
HannahFrenchFavor; GraceGirl
HannahHebrewFavor; GraceUnisex
HannahIndianFavor; GraceGirl
HannieEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
HannieIndianFavor; GraceGirl
HannielEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HannielIndianFavored of GodBoy
HannyEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
HannyIndianFavor; GraceGirl
InayatIndianBounty; Kindness; FavorBoy
JaminHebrewRight Hand of FavorBoy
JamonHebrewRight Hand of FavorBoy
JarmilCzech & SlovakSpring FavorBoy
JarmilaCzech & SlovakSpring FavorGirl
JayminHebrewRight Hand of FavorBoy
KrupaIndianGrace; FavorGirl
LisanneEnglishGod is my oath; Favor; GraceGirl
LisanneIndianGod is my oath; Favor; GraceGirl
LuanaEnglishWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuanaIndianWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuannEnglishWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuannIndianWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuannaEnglishWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuannaIndianWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuanneEnglishWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
LuanneIndianWarrior; Favor; GraceGirl
ManahamIndianGods favoriteGirl
MarshanEnglishDefense; Of the Sea; Favor; GraceGirl
MarshanIndianDefense; Of the Sea; Favor; GraceGirl
MaryannEnglishBeloved FavorGirl
MaryannIndianBeloved FavorGirl
MaryannaEnglishBeloved FavorGirl
MaryannaIndianBeloved FavorGirl
MaryanneEnglishBeloved FavorGirl
MaryanneIndianBeloved FavorGirl
MarybethEnglishBeloved FavorGirl
MarybethIndianBeloved FavorGirl
MarylouEnglishBeloved FavorGirl
MarylouIndianBeloved FavorGirl
MehetabelHebrewGod's FavorGirl
MeheytabelHebrewGod's FavorGirl
MehitahelleHebrewGod's FavorGirl
MettabelHebrewGod's FavorGirl
MiladaItalianFavor; GraceGirl
MilanCzech & SlovakFavor; Grace; GloryBoy
MilenaCzech & SlovakFavor; Grace; GloryGirl
MiloEnglishFavor; GraceBoy
MiloIndianFavor; GraceBoy
MiloLatinSoldier; Favor; GraceBoy
MilogostPolishFavor Guest; Liked; Grace GuestBoy
MilonLatinSoldier; Favor; GraceBoy
MilosCzech & SlovakLover of Glory; One who Favor GloryBoy
Milos  (Μήλος)GreekFavorBoy
MiloslavCzech & SlovakLover of Glory; One who Favor GloryBoy
MiloslavaCzech & SlovakLover of Glory; One who Favor GloryGirl
MiloslawPolishFavor GloryBoy
MiloszPolishFavor GloryBoy
NanEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NanIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NanaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NanaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NanaSpanishFavor; GraceGirl
NancyEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NancyIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NandagScottishFavor; GraceGirl
NanetteEnglishLittle favorable one; Little graceful oneGirl
NanetteIndianLittle favorable one; Little graceful oneGirl
NannaEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NannaIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NannieEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NannieIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NannyEnglishFavor; GraceGirl
NannyIndianFavor; GraceGirl
NenaEnglishDarling; Dear; Little Girl; Favor; GraceGirl
NenaIndianDarling; Dear; Little Girl; Favor; GraceGirl
NiinaFinnishFavor; GraceGirl
NinaEnglishDarling; Dear; Little Girl; Favor; GraceGirl
NinaIndianDarling; Dear; Little Girl; Favor; GraceGirl
OnaLithuanianFavor; GraceGirl
PanniHungarianFavor; GraceGirl
PollyannaEnglishBeloved; Favor; GraceGirl
PollyannaIndianBeloved; Favor; GraceGirl
PribhaktaIndianFavorite of the devotees; Lord ShivaBoy
RadomilPolishHappy FavorBoy
RadomilaCzech & SlovakHappy; FavorGirl
RadomilaPolishHappy FavorGirl
RidaIndianFavored by god; ConsentGirl
RidaIndianFavored by godUnisex
RidahIndianFavored by god; ConsentGirl
SaquiNative AmericanFavoriteGirl
SarannaEnglishPrincess FavorGirl
SarannaIndianPrincess FavorGirl
ShahrnazIndianLoved; Favorite oneGirl
ShahrnazIranian (Persian)Loved; Favorite OneGirl
SomaliIndianMoon's love; Moon's favoriteBoy
ThirzaHebrewDelightful; FavorableGirl
TirzahHebrewPleasant; FavorableGirl
Zan  ()ChineseSupport; FavorUnisex
ZeminChineseFavor to the PeopleBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Favor'
 Surname Origin In Local Meaning
AnnakinGerman Favor; Grace

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