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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
HarbinCourageous like godSikhBoy
HarbinderAbsorbed in godSikhBoy
HarbirWarrior of godSikhUnisex
HarcharanOne taking shelter in god's lotus feetSikhBoy
HarcourtFrom the Falconer's HutChristianBoy
Hardar ParsiBoy
Hardarashna ParsiBoy
HardasSlave of godSikhBoy
HardeepGod's lightSikhBoy
HardevThe highest godSikhBoy
HardhianThe one absorbed in the lordSikhBoy
HardiFrom the heartHinduGirl
HardialOne on whom there is god's graceSikhBoy
Hardik JainBoy
HardingBrave, Hardy, StrongChristianBoy
Hardipa SikhGirl
HarditGiven by godSikhBoy
HardyBrave, Hardy, StrongChristianBoy
Hareem MuslimGirl
HareendraLord ShivaHinduBoy
HareendraLord ShivaSikhBoy
HareeshLord Krishna, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
HarekrishnaLord KrishnaHinduBoy
HarendraLord ShivaHinduBoy
HarendraLord ShivaSikhBoy
HareshLord Krishna, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
HargunOne having godly meritsSikhBoy
HariThe lord of natureHinduBoy
HariThe one belonging to godSikhBoy
HariaksaLord ShivaHinduBoy
HaribalaDaughter of lord VishnuHinduGirl
HaricharanFeet of the lordHinduBoy
HaricharanFeet of lordSikhBoy
HaridasServant of lord KrishnaHinduBoy
HaridasServant of lord KrishnaSikhBoy
HaridraOne who is golden coloredHinduBoy
HaridraOne who is golden coloredSikhBoy
HariduttGift of HariHinduBoy
HaridwarGateway to godHinduBoy
HaridwarGateway to godSikhBoy
HarigangaGanga of lord VishnuHinduGirl
HarigopalLord KrishnaHinduBoy
HariharLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherHinduBoy
HariharLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherSikhBoy
HariharaatmajaSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)HinduBoy
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