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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
HariharanBorn out of lord Vishnu (Hari) and lord Shiva (Hara)HinduBoy
HariharaputraSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)HinduBoy
HariharasuthanSon of lord Vishnu (hari) and lord Shiva (hara)HinduBoy
HarijathaFair haired, BlondeHinduGirl
HarikaOf lordHinduGirl
HarikanthDear to lord IndraHinduBoy
HarikeshDisciple king of lord MahavirJainBoy
HarikrishnaLord KrishnaHinduBoy
HarilalSon of HariHinduBoy
HarimantiBorn in the season of HemantaHinduGirl
HarinakshLord ShivaHinduBoy
HarinakshiOne with eyes like deer, Dow eyedHinduGirl
HarinarayanLord VishnuHinduBoy
HarindranathLord of hariHinduBoy
HariniDeer LikeHinduGirl
HariomLord VishnuHinduBoy
HariprasadBlessed by lord KrishnaHinduBoy
HaripreetBeloved of godsHinduBoy
HaripriyaConsort of lord Vishnu, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
HarirajKing of lions, BraveHinduBoy
HariramLord RamaHinduBoy
HarisVigilant guardianMuslimBoy
HarisaroopWith an appearance like godSikhBoy
HarishLord Shiva, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
HarishankarLord ShivaHinduBoy
HarisharanProtection of HariHinduBoy
HarishchandraKing of Surya dynasty, CharitableHinduBoy
HarithLion, BraveHinduBoy
HarithPloughman, CultivatorMuslimBoy
HaritiName of a goddessHinduGirl
HarivallabhiConsort of Lord Hari, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
HarivanshBelonging to the family of godsHinduBoy
HarivilaasAbode of HariHinduBoy
HarivilasAbode of HariHinduBoy
HarizStrong, Secure, GuardedMuslimBoy
HarjapOne who meditates on the lordSikhBoy
HarjasOne who sings god's praisesSikhBoy
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