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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
KanyaDaughter, Girl, Young ladyHinduGirl
KanyakaGirl, Maiden, Daughter, Virgin goddessHinduGirl
KanyakumariGirl, Maiden, Daughter, Virgin goddess, YoungestHinduGirl
KaolinLittle Slender OneChristianBoy
KapaaliLord ShivaHinduBoy
KapaliLord ShivaHinduBoy
KapalinOne who wears a necklace of skullsHinduBoy
KapaliniGoddess DurgaHinduGirl
KapardiniA GoddessHinduGirl
KapeeshwarLord of monkeysHinduBoy
KapiMonkey, SunHinduBoy
KapidhwajOne with monkey flag, Lord ArjunHinduBoy
KapilName of a sage, Sun, Fair complexionedHinduBoy
Kapil DevMaster of kapilHinduBoy
KapilaCelestial cow, Sacred cowHinduGirl
KapilashwaOne With A White Horse (Lord Indra)HinduBoy
KapilashwarOne with a white horseHinduBoy
KapildevMaster of KapilHinduBoy
KapindraKing of monkeys, Lord HanumanHinduBoy
KapirathLord Rama, Lord ArjunHinduBoy
KapishLord HanumanHinduBoy
KapotakshiEyes like a pigeonHinduGirl
KaraBeloved, Friend, PureChristianGirl
KaralaGoddess Durga, Opening wide, TearingHinduGirl
KaralikaGoddess Durga, One that tearsHinduGirl
KaramNoble nature, GenerosityMuslimGirl
KaramOn whom there is god's graceSikhBoy
KaramahNobility, MiracleMuslimBoy
KaramdeepLamp of god's graceSikhBoy
KaramjotLight of god's graceSikhBoy
KarampreetThe lover of god's graceSikhBoy
KaranA warrior, Instrument, Karna, First born of KuntiHinduBoy
Karan JainBoy
Karan ParsiBoy
KaraughBeloved, FriendChristianGirl
KardawiyahPious womanMuslimGirl
KareemKind, Generous, NobleMuslimBoy
KareemaGenerous, NobleMuslimGirl
Kareena ChristianGirl
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