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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
KalipadaDevotee of goddess KaliHinduBoy
KaliranjanDevotee of goddess KaliHinduBoy
Kalisha ChristianGirl
KaliyaHuge serpentHinduBoy
KaliyugavaradhanProtector In KaliyugHinduBoy
KalkaGoddess Durga, Pupil of the eyeHinduGirl
KalkinTenth incarnation of god VishnuHinduBoy
KallolLarge waves, Gurgling of water, Shouts of joyHinduGirl
KalpaAble, FitHinduBoy
KalpakA Heavenly treeHinduBoy
KalpanaIdea, Imagination, FancyHinduGirl
KalpanathIdea, Imagination, FancyHinduBoy
KalpeshImaging of god, Lord of perfectionHinduBoy
KalpitImagined, CreativeHinduBoy
Kalpit JainBoy
KalpitaImagined, CreativeHinduGirl
KalpithaImagined, CreativeHinduGirl
KalthamName of al QarshiyahMuslimGirl
KalyaPraise, PleasantHinduGirl
KalyanGood, Well, Being, Auspicious, Welfare, FortuneHinduBoy
Kalyan JainBoy
KalyaniAuspicious, FortunateHinduGirl
KalystaMost BeautifulChristianGirl
KamCrooked NoseChristianBoy
KamaThe golden one, LoveHinduGirl
KamaalPerfection, Excellence, Completion, Utmost level, LotusMuslimBoy
KamaaluddeenPerfection, Excellence, Completion, Utmost level, LotusMuslimBoy
KamachariniActing on one's own accordHinduGirl
KamadevLord of love and passion, CupidHinduBoy
KamadhaGranting desiresHinduGirl
KamakshiGoddess Laxmi, One with loving eyesHinduGirl
KamakyaGoddess Durga, Granter of wishesHinduGirl
Kamal JainBoy
KamalPerfection, Excellence, Completion, Utmost level, LotusMuslimBoy
KamalaLotus, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
KamalaapatiLord of lotus, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
KamalajLord BrahmaHinduBoy
KamalakarLord Vishnu, A lake where lotus growsHinduBoy
KamalakshOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesHinduBoy
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