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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
LindonLime tree hillChristianBoy
LindsayLincoln's wetlandsChristianUnisex
LindseyLincoln's wetlandsChristianGirl
LindsieLincoln's wetlandsChristianGirl
LinetteLittle LakeChristianGirl
LinfordMaple Tree FordChristianBoy
LingadhyakshaLord of the lingasHinduBoy
LingarajaLord of the lingasHinduBoy
Lingeswaran HinduBoy
LinnTwin flowerChristianGirl
LinnetLittle LakeChristianGirl
LinnetteLittle LakeChristianGirl
LinsayLincoln's wetlandsChristianGirl
LinseyKing's city meadowChristianUnisex
LinsyLincoln's wetlandsChristianGirl
LintonCotton settlementChristianBoy
LinusA Cry of griefChristianBoy
LinziLincoln's wetlandsChristianGirl
LionelYoung LionChristianBoy
LipiManuscripts of godHinduGirl
LipikaShort letterHinduGirl
LisGod is my oathChristianGirl
LisaGod is my oathChristianGirl
LisanneGod is my oath, Favor, GraceChristianGirl
LisbeiCreative and intelligent girlChristianGirl
LisbethGod is my oathChristianGirl
Lisha ChristianGirl
Lishitha HinduGirl
LissaHoney BeeChristianGirl
LitaNickname for names ending with - LitaChristianGirl
Litesh JainBoy
LivanaA Greece goddessHinduGirl
LivdeepAbsorbed in the lamp of lightSikhBoy
LiviaElf armyChristianGirl
LivjotAbsorbed in the light of godSikhBoy
LivpreetAbsorbed in the love of godSikhBoy
LivroopEmbodiment of absorption in godSikhBoy
LivsharanAbsorbed in the lotus feet of godSikhBoy
LivtarCeaselessly remaining absorbed in godSikhBoy
LivvyElf armyChristianGirl
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