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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
LomashA SageHinduBoy
LonNoble and readyChristianBoy
LonaBeauty, PrettyHinduGirl
LondonOne from LondonChristianUnisex
LonnieNoble and readyChristianBoy
LonnyNoble and readyChristianBoy
LopaWife of sage, LearnedHinduGirl
LopamudraWife of sage Agastya, Learned womanHinduGirl
LoraineLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorainneLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorayneLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LoreenLittle Laurel treeChristianGirl
LorenOf LaurentumChristianUnisex
LorenaCrowned with laurelsChristianGirl
LoreneLittle Laurel treeChristianGirl
LoretoLittle Laurel treeChristianGirl
LorettaLittle Laurel treeChristianGirl
LoretteLittle Laurel treeChristianGirl
LoriLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorieLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorinOf LaurentumChristianUnisex
LorinaLittle Sorrowful OneChristianGirl
LornOf LaurentumChristianBoy
LornaForlorn, Forsaken, LostChristianGirl
LorneForlorn, Forsaken, LostChristianBoy
LoroGreat PowerHinduBoy
LorraineLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorriLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorrieLand of the people of LotharChristianGirl
LorrinOf LaurentumChristianBoy
Loshini HinduGirl
LotteGod is my oathChristianGirl
LotusCovering, Veil, A flower name, Symbol of prosperityChristianGirl
LouFamous WarriorChristianUnisex
Louanna ChristianGirl
LouellaFamous WarriorChristianUnisex
LouieFamous WarriorChristianBoy
LouisFamous WarriorChristianBoy
LouisaFamous WarriorChristianGirl
LouiseFamous WarriorChristianGirl
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