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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AmmarahAn inhabitantMuslimGirl
AmmielOne of the family of GodChristianBoy
AmmihudOne of the people of JudahChristianBoy
AmminadabServant of the princeChristianBoy
AmmonKindred, TribalChristianBoy
AmmuPet girl in MalayalamHinduGirl
Amniyya MuslimGirl
AmodPleasure, HappinessHinduBoy
AmodiniJoyful, Pleasurable, HappyHinduGirl
AmoghLord Ganesh, UnerringHinduBoy
Amogha HinduGirl
AmoghvarshA Jain king of medieval MaharastraJainBoy
AmohaPure, Errorless, Clear, StraightHinduGirl
AmolPriceless, ValuableHinduBoy
AmolakPriceless, ValuableHinduBoy
AmolikPriceless, ValuableHinduBoy
AmolikaPriceless, ValuableHinduGirl
AmonSkilled WorkmanChristianBoy
AmoryHome ruler, The loving oneChristianBoy
AmrOld Arabic nameMuslimBoy
AmranThe people is exaltedChristianBoy
AmrapaliFamous courtesan who became a devotee of lord BuddhaHinduGirl
AmreshLord IndraHinduBoy
Amrinder SikhBoy
AmrishLord IndraHinduBoy
Amrish JainBoy
AmritNectar, Spiritual holy water, ImmortalityHinduBoy
AmritGod's nectarSikhBoy
Amrit, AmrikNectarHinduBoy
AmritaNectar, Spiritual holy water, ImmortalityHinduGirl
Amrita Kaur SikhGirl
AmritambuLord Chandra, MoonHinduBoy
AmritayaImmortal, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
AmritbaanLiving a nectar like way of lifeSikhBoy
AmritchandraA famous Jain acharyaJainBoy
AmritkalaNectarine artHinduGirl
AmritleenOne imbued in the lord's nectarSikhBoy
AmritpalOne protected by the lord's nectarSikhBoy
AmritrashmiMoon LightHinduGirl
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