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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AnandaJoy, HappinessHinduGirl
AnandalakshmiGoddess of happinessHinduGirl
AnandamayeJoy permeatedHinduGirl
AnandamayiFull of Joy, BlissfulHinduGirl
Anandhi HinduGirl
AnandiAlways happy, Joyful, UnendingHinduGirl
AnandjotThe light of blissSikhBoy
AnandleenOne absorbed in the lord's blissSikhBoy
AnandmayeeFull of happinessHinduGirl
AnandmoortiHappiness PersonifiedHinduBoy
AnandroopOf blissful form, Radiating blissSikhBoy
AnandsagarCompassionate LordHinduBoy
AnangCupid, KamadevaHinduBoy
AnangeeCupid's consortHinduGirl
AnaniMy CloudChristianBoy
AnaniahJehovah clouds, What Jehovah coversChristianBoy
AnaniasWhom Jehovah has graciously givenChristianBoy
AnanmayaOne who cannot be brokenHinduBoy
AnantInfinite, Joyful, UnendingHinduBoy
AnantEndless, Boundless, InfiniteSikhBoy
AnantaInfinite, Joyful, UnendingHinduGirl
AnantaaInfinite, Joyful, UnendingHinduGirl
Anantacaritra BuddhistBoy
AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and consciousness personifiedHinduBoy
AnantadrishtiInfinite visionaryHinduBoy
AnantajeetVictor of Infinity, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
Anantamati BuddhistBoy
AnantarjotGod's lightSikhBoy
Anantavikrama BuddhistBoy
AnantdevOf Immeasurable divinitySikhBoy
AnanthaEndless, EternalHinduGirl
AnantnathName of the 14 th teerthankarJainBoy
AnantramEternal godHinduBoy
AnantyaEndless, EternalHinduGirl
AnanyoSole, PeerlessHinduBoy
Anaoshak ParsiBoy
Anara HinduGirl
AnarghyaPriceless, ValuableHinduGirl
AnasLove, Affection, A group of peopleMuslimBoy
AnasahFreed slave of prophetMuslimBoy
AnasooyaFriend of Shakuntala, Wife of the sage 'Atri'HinduGirl
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