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 Sikh boy names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
PritpalGod, Loving caretakerBoy
PushpinderGod of flowersBoy
RaghubirLord RamaBoy
RajbirThe warrior of the kingdomBoy
RajdevGod's sovereignBoy
RajenderLord of kings, EmperorBoy
RajindarThe king of god of godsBoy
RajpalThe protector kingBoy
RajveerThe warrior or hero of the kingdomBoy
RamandeepAbsorbed in the light of lord's loveBoy
Ramanpreet Boy
Ramanveer Boy
RambirWarrior of godBoy
RamdasServant of god, Slave of godBoy
RamdeepLamp of all pervading godBoy
RamgeetSong of the all pervading godBoy
RaminderGod's belovedBoy
RamjeetThe winner of god's loveBoy
RamjotThe light of godBoy
RamleenOne absorbed in godBoy
RampreetIn love with godBoy
RanbirThe brave warriorBoy
RandeepThe hero of the battleBoy
RangaOne who is colored in naamBoy
RangjotOne colored in the union of godBoy
RangleenImbued in the lord's absorptionBoy
RangpreetThe lover of god's loveBoy
RanjitThe conqueror of the battleBoy
RanveerThe brave warriorBoy
RasbirDrinking the elixir of courageBoy
RasdeepLamp of the elixirBoy
RasgunOne who delights in the elixir of virtuesBoy
RasgurOne who attains the elixir of enlightenmentBoy
RasjeevanOne whose life is full of elixir of naamBoy
RasjogOne who has union with elixir of naamBoy
RasleenOne absorbed in the elixir of naamBoy
RasnamOne who drinks the elixir of naamBoy
RatanA diamond like personBoy
RatanbirThe priceless brave oneBoy
RatandeepPrecious like god's lampBoy
RatangeetSong of diamond soulBoy
RatanjotThe diamond of god's lightBoy
RatanpreetOne who is in love of the diamondBoy
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