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 Sikh boy names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Gender
AnandjotThe light of blissBoy
AnandleenOne absorbed in the lord's blissBoy
AnandroopOf blissful form, Radiating blissBoy
AnantEndless, Boundless, InfiniteBoy
AnantarjotGod's lightBoy
AnantdevOf Immeasurable divinityBoy
AneelHoly, Immaculate beingBoy
AngadOne who is embraced by godBoy
Ankur Boy
AnokhExtraordinary and wondrousBoy
AnoopMatchless beautyBoy
AnoopbirBeauteous and braveBoy
AnoopjotRadiating the beauteous lightUnisex
AnooplokResident of the beauteous realmBoy
AntarjotDivine lightBoy
AntarpreetOne who loves the light withinBoy
Arunjeet Boy
AseemLimitless, InfiniteBoy
AtamveerSpiritually braveBoy
AveerBrave, one who fights for peaceBoy
AvtarIncarnation of godBoy
BachittarA person with wondrous meritsBoy
BahadarOne who is brave and courageousBoy
BakhsheeshThe blessed oneBoy
BalavantLord Hanuman, Brave, MightyBoy
BalbirValiant heroBoy
BaldevThe mighty godBoy
BalendraLord KrishnaUnisex
BaljeetMighty victoriousBoy
BaltejOne with glorious mightBoy
BalvanPowerful and mightyBoy
BalveerPowerful, Strong, MightyBoy
BalvinderPowerful, Strong, MightyUnisex
BalvindraPowerful, Strong, MightyUnisex
BalwantPowerful, Strong, MightyUnisex
BaniSayings of the guruBoy
BarindraThe oceanBoy
BeantEndless, Limitless, BoundlessBoy
BhagatDevotee of godBoy
BhagatveerThe brave devotee of godBoy
BhagwantOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BhagwantjotLight of godBoy
BhagwantroopIn the form of godBoy
BhajanOne who is absorbed in god's loveBoy
BhavjeetOne who swims across the dreadful world oceanBoy
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