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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AbelVanity, Transitory, Breath, BreathingChristianBoy
Abelia ChristianGirl
AbellVanity, HerdsmanChristianBoy
Abenahir ParsiGirl
AberassithanUnbeatable, GodHinduBoy
AbeyFather of a multitudeChristianBoy
AbhaLuster, Shine, Lustrous beautyHinduGirl
AbhaidevFree of fearHinduBoy
AbhatiSplendor, LightHinduGirl
AbhayFearless, Son of DharmaHinduBoy
Abhay kumarSon of king ShrenikJainBoy
AbhayanandaDelighting in fearlessHinduBoy
AbhayapradaBestower of Safety, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
AbhibhavaOverpowering, Powerful, VictoriousHinduBoy
AbhicandraMoon like face, One of the seven Manus of the Svetambara Jain sectionHinduBoy
AbhidharmHighest dharmaHinduBoy
AbhidhyaWish, LongingHinduGirl
AbhigyaanSource of knowledgeHinduBoy
AbhihitaExpression, WordHinduBoy
AbhijaatWell bornHinduBoy
AbhijaataWell bornHinduGirl
AbhijatNoble, WiseHinduBoy
AbhijataWell bornHinduGirl
AbhijayaConquest, Complete victoryHinduBoy
AbhijeetOne who is victoriousHinduBoy
AbhijitOne who is victoriousHinduBoy
AbhijitaVictorious womanHinduGirl
AbhijnaRemembrance, RecollectionHinduGirl
AbhijunExpert, skilledHinduBoy
AbhijvalaBlazing forthHinduBoy
AbhilaasaDesire, WishHinduGirl
AbhilasaDesire, WishHinduGirl
AbhilashDesire, WishHinduBoy
AbhilashaDesire, WishHinduGirl
AbhimaanineeOne who possess prideHinduGirl
AbhimaniFull of pride, Eldest son of lord BrahmaHinduBoy
AbhimanyuArjuna's son, Heroic, With self respectHinduBoy
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